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When it comes to catering to the joy and imagination of children, toy stores play an essential role.  In Malta and Gozo, children and families can explore an array of delightful toy stores.  Which offer a wide selection of toys to entertain and educate.  From traditional toys to modern gadgets.  To ignite their creativity and make their childhood memories magical.  Toys play a special role in the lives of children.  Bringing happiness, excitement and a world of imagination.  In Malta, toys hold a cherished place in the hearts of little ones and families alike.   

The island’s toy stores provide a unique shopping experience for kids of all ages.  In this article, we will take you on a journey through some of the best toy stores in Malta.  Where every visit promises excitement and wonder.

Toys: Bringing Joy to Young Hearts

Toys are not only a source of amusement!  Their importance goes beyond providing entertainment.  They are essential instruments for development and well-being.  Toys play a vital role in a child’s growth.  Providing joyous moments of exploration and discovery. 

Toy shops in Malta offer a diverse array of toys.  Catering to children of all ages and interests.  From cuddly plush toys that provide comfort and companionship.  To educational toys that spark curiosity and learning.  The toy market in Malta is as colorful and vibrant as the island itself.  Classic toys like building blocks, toy cars and dolls stand alongside modern gadgets.  Like interactive robots and electronic games.  Creating a well-rounded selection for kids to choose from.

Building Blocks

Toys: Nurturing Development

Physical toys are tangible playthings.  They are learning tools that engage children’s minds and senses.  Toys are objects that children can touch, hold and interact with using their hands and bodies.  They come in various shapes, sizes and materials.  Providing a diverse range of play experiences and hours of enjoyment.  Toys offer endless possibilities for creative play and imaginative adventures.  

Toys promote physical activity as children engage in active play.  Such as running and jumping.   Indoor toys like dance mats provide opportunities for children to move, jump and dance supporting their fitness.

Physical toys also encourage social interaction when children play together.  Fostering teamwork and communication.  With their hands-on nature, toys play a crucial role in a child’s development.  Helping them explore the world.  Learn new skills and make lasting memories of joy and fun.

Toys: Fun-Filled Learning

Toys for babies such as bright colored toys with different textures and shapes. Stimulate their senses of sight and touch.  Like rattles, crinkle toys and soft plushies provide auditory stimulation.   Babies enjoy toys with melodious sounds and buttons to press.  

Toddler toys are excellent aids in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Like building blocks, stacking rings and shape sorters.  These toys encourage little ones to grasp and manipulate objects.  Allowing them to gain a sense of accomplishment as they master new skills.

Toys such as dolls, action figures and playsets let kids engage in pretend play.  This type of play fosters imagination and creativity.  These toys allow children to create their own stories and scenarios.  Create imaginative worlds of their own.  Where they can act out real-life situations or fantastical adventures.  This kind of play encourages creative thinking and emotional expression.  Contributing to a child’s social and emotional development.  Children express their feelings and interact with others through play. 

Puzzles and board games are exciting and engaging activities.  That provide both fun and learning for children and adults alike.  Puzzles come in various forms.  From jigsaw puzzles that challenge children’s problem-solving abilities. To brain teasers that test their critical thinking skills.  As kids piece together puzzles, they improve their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. 

Board games offer opportunities for social interaction and friendly competition.   They create opportunities for bonding between parents and children.  Creating cherished memories and moments of laughter.  Whether playing classics like Monopoly or modern strategy games.  Board games teach valuable lessons.  In patience, decision-making, and sportsmanship.  They encourage children to take turns, share and work together towards a common goal.  These experiences help kids develop essential social skills like communication and conflict resolution.

Letter Blocks

Educational Toys: Learning Through Play

Parents in Malta also understand the importance of learning through play.  That’s why educational toys have gained popularity over recent years.  These games are crafted to expose children to various subjects and skills.  In an interactive and enjoyable way.  Through these games, children can enhance their knowledge.  Improve critical thinking abilities and boost their confidence as they master new concepts.  From math and language to science and problem-solving.  Educational games cover a wide range of topics.  Making learning an exciting adventure for kids. 

Educational toys are powerful learning tools.  They foster a love for learning from an early age in a fun and active way.  Alphabet blocks, counting toys and shape puzzles. Introduce basic concepts and lay the foundation for early learning.  Through play, children absorb knowledge about numbers, letters, colors and shapes.  These easy to use toys are designed to stimulate young minds whilst being fun to play with.  Playing with these toys enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  

Toys for Outdoor Adventures

With its beautiful weather Malta is a perfect place for outdoor play.  Many toy stores in Malta offer an exciting range of outdoor toys.  From kites that soar high in the blue sky to sports equipment like footballs and trampolines.  To ground pools, playhouses, bicycles and trikes.  Children can explore the great outdoors and stay active while having fun.

Many outdoor toys promote physical activity.  Which is crucial for a child’s physical health and development.  Outdoor toys like balls, bicycles and jump ropes keep children active.  They also help them develop their gross motor skills.  

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Toys

As awareness of environmental issues grows.  The demand for sustainable and eco-friendly toys has also risen in Malta.  Toy manufacturers are using eco-friendly materials.  Like wood, organic cotton and recycled plastics.  To create toys that are not only safe for children but also gentle on the planet.

Lego Police Set

A Diverse Array of Toy Brands

Malta’s toy stores offer a wide range of quality toy brands.  Catering to the diverse interests of children.  Some of the popular toy brands that you can find at toy stores in Malta include:

  1. LEGO: Known for its iconic building blocks and construction sets.  That inspires creativity and imagination.
  2. Barbie: A classic doll brand loved by children for generations.  Offering dolls and playsets that encourage storytelling and role-playing.
  3. Hasbro: A well-known brand offering a variety of toys and board games.  Including classics like Monopoly, Play-Doh, and Nerf.
  4. Mattel: Besides Barbie, Mattel produces a wide range of toys and action figures. Including Hot Wheels and WWE toys.
  5. Playmobil: Renowned for its detailed and imaginative playsets.  Featuring various themes such as pirates, castles, animals, dinosaurs and space.
  6. VTech, Leap Frog and Fisher-Price: Known as high-quality baby and toddler brands.  They specialize in electronic educational toys.   Designed to promote early learning and development for infants and young children.   
  7. Melissa & Doug: Known for their wooden toys and puzzles.  That encourages hands-on play and creativity.
  8. Paw Patrol: Based on the popular animated TV series.  This brand offers toys featuring the beloved rescue pups.
  9. Disney: Toy stores in Malta often carry a variety of toys.  Featuring characters from Disney movies and TV shows.
  10. Pokémon: The sought after TV series has inspired various toys.  Such as trading cards, action figures and building sets.

These are only a few examples of the toy brands you may come across at toy stores in Malta.  The availability of specific brands may vary from one store to another.  Depending on the store’s inventory and current trends.  Always check with the store or their website to see the latest selection of toy brands on offer. 

Yet, you can rest assured that at every local toy store you will find a range of toys to choose from.  When it comes to girl toys all toy stores have a range of dolls and their accessories.  Prams, pushchairs and doll houses.  The same applies for boy toys.  Every toy shop sells robots, trucks, vehicles and superheros.  Toy stores stock craft items like beads, sand modeling and play dough.

Most toy shops sell party products.  Like balloons, cups, napkins, banners and much more.  They also have seasonal products.  Like Back to School items, Halloween and Carnival costumes.  

Toy Shop Interior with Robot

Toy Shops Galore

In Malta, you can find toy shops scattered throughout the towns and villages.  Each offering a unique shopping experience.  Large retail chains and independent toy stores provide a vast selection of toys.  Suitable for all ages and interests.  Making it a joy for families to explore and find the perfect plaything.  Warm and friendly staff at these stores are always ready to help children and parents alike.  Making the toy shopping experience a delightful one.  

Listed below are a couple of the most sought after toy shops in Malta and Gozo.  But by no means this list is exhaustive.  

The Model Shop: A Timeless Wonderland

The Model Shop is one of Malta’s most renowned toy stores.  Where childhood dreams come to life.  You will find the chain’s shops in various localities across the island.  The Model Shop offers an extensive collection of toys for all age groups.  From classic wooden toys to the latest electronic gadgets.  The selection of toys in their stores is second to none.  The store’s layout is designed to create a captivating and interactive experience.  Allowing children to explore and test various toys before making their choice. 

Junior’s: Where Playtime Knows No Bounds

Junior’s is a must-visit toy store.  For families seeking a wide range of toys and games to keep kids entertained for hours on end.  Located in shopping centers around the island.  It offers an incredible selection of outdoor play equipment.  Perfect for families with energetic children.  You’ll find an assortment of action figures, board games and educational toys.  Junior’s dedication to fun and safety ensures that children can play to their heart’s content.  Friendly and helpful staff assist you find the perfect toy from their vast product range.  At Junior’s you will find something for everyone. No matter the child’s age or interest.

Handkrafts: A Haven for Young Imaginations

Handkrafts is a delightful toy store.  Situated in the heart of Valletta, Malta’s capital city.  This charming shop specializes in unique and educational toys.  That foster creativity and learning in children.  From arts and crafts to science kits.  Handkrafts curates a selection of toys.  That inspire young minds to explore and discover the world around them.  Handkrafts has something to cater to every child’s interest.

Several toy shops in Malta do not form part of a chain.  They only have one outlet in a particular town or village.  Some of these toy shops are henceforth mentioned.  In the central area of Malta you will find Toy Magic, Toby’s Toymaster, Toyland and Toy Frenzi.  Whilst in the south of the island you will find ToysMalta, Just Kidding and Plush World.  Other toy stores only have an online presence.  Like Toybeez, The Outdoor Kid, Tot Kits and Whimsy Castle.

Online Toy Shops: A Haven of Toys

Though Malta’s toy shops are full of colourful shelves and cheerful staff.  All local toy shops have an online shop.  Having an online presence is a must nowadays. It is convenient for customers.  Customers can visit online shops at any time of the day.  Browse through the huge selection of toys on their computers or mobile phones.  

Malta’s online toy stores allow you to shop by age and brand.  It makes shopping for gifts quicker.  You get to avoid crowded aisles and carrying heavy shopping bags!  It enables you to search for a particular toy and compare prices between stores. 

All online toy stores provide free delivery once you spend a certain amount.  Besides, they give gift receipts.  So unwanted gifts can be exchanged.  This makes shopping easier.    

Kitchen Pretend Play

A Fun-Filled Wonderland for Kids and Families

In conclusion, toys are not only objects for play.  But play a vital role in shaping a child’s growth.  By building lifelong skills.  From enhancing cognitive abilities to promoting physical activity and emotional well-being.  Providing children with a variety of toys that cater to their interests ensures that they enjoy the benefits of play.  While learning and having fun.  Toys contribute in shaping the happy and playful moments of childhood.  They make their childhood an enchanting and unforgettable experience!

Toy stores in Malta are not merely retail outlets.  They are enchanting wonderlands that celebrate the joy of childhood.  They offer a treasure trove of playthings that bring smiles to young faces.  From traditional toys that evoke nostalgia.  To cutting-edge gadgets that spark curiosity.  These stores cater to the diverse interests of children and families.  Malta’s toy stores are sure to captivate young hearts and create unforgettable moments for the whole family


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