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Store Reward Schemes in Malta: A Win-Win for Shoppers and Businesses

Store reward schemes have become an integral part of modern shopping experiences.  Creating a beneficial relationship between shoppers and businesses.  In Malta, these reward programs such as the Lava Rewards scheme have gained popularity.  Collecting and redeeming points enhances customer loyalty.  Besides boosting sales and provide shoppers with added value.  This article delves into the world of store reward schemes in Malta.  Highlighting their benefits, types and their impact on both consumers and businesses.
Reward schemes have emerged as a powerful tool that can impact businesses.  They have influenced the retail landscape in Malta.  They not only transformed how consumers shop.  But, have also prompted businesses to innovate and differentiate themselves from competitors.  As more businesses adopt these programs the level of competition has intensified.  Leading to a greater focus on customer satisfaction.

The Growing Significance of Reward Schemes

In today’s competitive market, businesses strive to establish a loyal customer base.  To maintain a steady revenue stream.  Store reward schemes have emerged as a strategic tool to achieve this goal.  These programs offer a range of incentives.  That encourage repeat purchases, higher spending and brand advocacy.

What is the Lava Rewards Scheme?

Lava Rewards is a successful rewards scheme.  Which allows customers to collect and redeem points with each purchase.  It is one of Malta’s renowned loyalty rewards program.  Shop at any one of the 57 stores enrolled in the scheme and collect points.  You will earn points with every purchase
The Lava Rewards Scheme brings together thousands of products from the island’s leading companies.  Outlets participating in the scheme range from eateries and fashion.  To technology, toys, insurance, home & decor and DIY.  All these outlets sell popular premium brands and have a broad clientele.  With a great choice of brands you will find something you like.
You can also buy online. has you covered!  It is an online marketplace.  Customers have the option to shop from a great variety of products from Malta’s top retailers.  It’s simple to use if you are already a Lava Rewards member.  You can link your Lava Rewards account with  Log in to with your Lava Rewards username and password.  Buy online to continue collecting points.  You get free delivery in Malta on all orders over €40.  

How does the Lava Rewards Scheme Work?

The first step is to sign up to Lava Rewards Scheme.  Either through the website or the Lava Rewards App.  You can download the Lava Rewards App on your mobile through Play or Apple Store.  Besides, you can register at one of the participating stores by filling in a manual form.  Signing up to Lava Rewards is free but you must be at least 16 years old.
Through the app you get instant access to your account.  You can view a statement of points collected, redeemed and account balance.  Via the app you will get to know all the locations of stores participating in the Lava Reward Scheme.  Together with the amount of points you earn at each outlet per €1 spent.  Logging in the app you would get to know in-store offers and receive coupons.  Besides, if you forget to present your card or app at the outlet you can scan receipts.  This way you won’t loose any points!  The app let’s you invite family and friends to the scheme and earn points.  Besides, you can send and receive points from family and friends.
Once you register to the scheme you will receive the Lava Rewards card by post.  The card is sent to the address provided on sign-up.  It takes 10 to 14 working days to receive the card, if you applied via the website or the app.  Whilst, if you filled in the manual form it takes 15 to 28 working days.  During the period which you do not have the card in hand you can still earn and redeem points.  When you buy something give the cashier your ID Card Number.
Barcode Scan

How to Earn Points?

Dine or shop at any of the outlets registered in the scheme.  Before settling the bill, let the cashier know that you are a Lava Rewards member.  Show the card or the barcode on your app to the cashier.  In case your mobile or card are not at hand the cashier can still find your membership.  Let them know your mobile or ID card number.  Collection of points on the amount spent is instant.  Though points should show in your account straight away.  Please allow around 5 to 10 minutes of the transaction. 
Earn points when you shop online at  Once on the website log in with your Lava Rewards account email address and password.  Shop and earn points.  When you buy items online, points are allocated to your account upon delivery.  Or once the invoice is issued.
For every €1 spent at a participating outlet you will earn different points.  Points earned vary according to the outlet policy.  At eateries you earn 8 points for every €1 spent.  At fashion outlets it’s 5 or 2 points for every €1 spent depending on the store.  For DIY, home, tech and gadgets and insurance you earn 2 points for €1.  At toy stores you get 1 point per €1 spent.
Note that if you spend €00.50 or more, your purchase will be rounded up.  If you spend €00.49 or less, it will be rounded down.
Each point you earn is given a value of €0.01.   So, 1 point is equal to €0.01.  Points earned are redeemed as money off your next purchase at any participating outlet.  So, if you have 1000 points in your Lava Rewards account you have a value of €10.  Points can be used in part or full at any outlet registered in the scheme.    
Lava Rewards points earned do not expire.  They are lost only if the Lava Rewards account is closed or if the loyalty rewards program is terminated.

How to Redeem Points?

Treat yourself, exchange points earned for money off on your next purchase.  You can redeem points either when you buy online or in-store.  Or accumulate points and redeem at a future date.  You can redeem any amount of points from your balance.  The more points you collect the greater the saving!  
You can redeem points after they are visible in your account.  Allow around 5 to 10 minutes of the transaction for your account to be updated
When the value of the purchase is more than the value of the Lava points to be redeemed, you will earn points on the remaining payment balance.  Pay the outstanding balance by cash or credit card.  Say your bill amounts to €20 and you will redeem €10 in points.  Than you will earn points on the remaining payment balance of €10.
As a security measure when you redeem points, a signature or presentation of ID card may be requested.
You cannot exchange points for cash.
When you buy online you can redeem your points at checkout.  After you select the preferred delivery option a pop up box will appear on screen.  From your available points balance you can insert the amount you wish to redeem.

What to Know

Points awarded or redeemed may not show immediately on your app.  If this is the case, allow 5 to 10 minutes for points to be visible.  Should the awarded or redeemed points still not show after the lapse of 10 minutes.  Contact Lava Rewards with the receipt as proof. 
If you forget present your card or barcode app at the store you can still claim your points.  You have 30 days from date of purchase to present the receipt to collect points.  You can contact the Lava Rewards customer care.  Send a scanned copy of the receipt together with your ID card number.  So that the points are allotted to the correct account.  On the app you can scan the receipt through the Receipt Scanner feature.  The photo needs to be a clear picture of the full receipt.  Points may take up to 7 days to appear on you account.  It is your responsibility to hold onto the receipt until points are awarded.
Points awarded on the purchase of gift vouchers varies according to the outlet’s regulations.  Some participating outlets give points to the person buying the voucher.  Whilst, other stores give points to the person redeeming the voucher.
When it comes to points awarded on sale and discounted items every participating outlet has its own policy.  Refer to the terms and conditions on the Lava Rewards website for more information.
Should you return an item you bought, then Lava points allocated to that item are reversed.  But, if you request a credit note, the points are reversed.  But once the credit note is used, points are re-awarded.    
In conclusion, reward schemes have a profound impact on businesses.  Store reward schemes in Malta have the potential to foster customer loyalty.  To increase sales and provide added value to shoppers.  These programs have proven to be a win-win for both consumers and businesses.  As the retail landscape continues to evolve.  Store reward schemes are expected to play an even more vital role.  In shaping the future of shopping in Malta.


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