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Launched as an online book store, Amazon expanded and grew to become what it is today, the most extensive and most varied e-commerce store on Earth. Amazon does not have a specific store tailored for the Maltese market but there are various ways how to purchase on Amazon from Malta. In this piece of content, we will provide you with all the options available for purchase on Amazon from Malta, provide tips on how to get the most from Amazon and answer a number of common questions asked about Amazon.

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About Amazon

As you already know, Amazon is the largest online retailer. Amazon sells a wide variety of products across many different categories such as home and garden, music, clothing, electronics, beauty, furniture, dvds and pets. Over the years Amazon also started to also sell its own products such as alexa and kindle books.

Purchasing on Amazon from Malta

As mentioned above, Amazon does not service Malta via a specific Amazon site such as but does international shipping from its websites. Whilst an Amazon Malta is not available, Amazon has various online stores that primarily service specific countries on the globe. Here is an extensive list of country-specific Amazon sites that are relevant to residents in Malta:

  • Italy –
  • Germany –
  • Spain –
  • France –
  • Netherlands –
  • Sweden –
  • Poland –
  • United Kingdom –
  • United States –

As an individual living in Malta, you may purchase from all the above Amazon sites but there are some facts you need to keep in mind before making your purchase.

What to Keep in Mind

Whilst living in Malta makes it possible to purchase from all the above sites, it is important to consider taxation. Products purchased from countries that form part of the European Union don’t incur any taxes. On the other hand, products purchased from countries that are located outside the EU are charged both VAT (value-added tax) and an import tax. This means that purchasing from,,,,, and are your best options as you won’t incur any additional taxes on your purchases.

That said, not all the sites are the same. Some of these provide the option to change the language of the site to English whilst others don’t., and can be browsed in English. can be browsed in Spanish and Portuguese whilst all the other sites can be browsed only in the local language. Nowadays there are ways to browse sites in foreign languages by making use of tools such as Google Translate. That said, having the site translated by Amazon does simplify your experience.

In our list, we also listed the and online stores from where purchases are taxed. We added them because, in some rare exceptions, you might find what you are looking for on these Amazon sites. They have a wide variety of products that sometimes can be more relevant to the Maltese market. In addition, the default language of these sites is English which makes them more convenient.

Tips about shopping on Amazon

Browsing Amazon can fire up your shopping addiction but it is important to keep some things in mind. Here are some tips about shopping on Amazon from Malta:

  1. The default currency on various Amazon stores is not Euro. You will have to determine if it’s cheaper for you to pay in the stores’ local currency or Euro. Most of the time, especially if your card has been issued by a traditional bank, it will be cheaper for you to pay in Euro to avoid any currency conversion fees the bank will charge you.
  2. Always check ratings and reviews to be sure that you are buying a quality product.
  3. Make use of the filter options to view a range of products that match what you are looking for.

Amazon Malta FAQ

Can you search by seller on Amazon?
You may use the search box within the Amazon site to search for a particular seller.

Is Amazon available in Malta?
Whilst there is no Malta specific Amazon store, products can be purchased from any Amazon store. They will be shipped and delivered to your Maltese address.

How to buy Amazon gift card with paysafecard?
Simply add your paysafecard card to your account as you would do with any other debit or credit card.

How to cancel Amazon video?
You may cancel your Amazon video subscription within your account.

How to return to Amazon?
If you have just left an Amazon website you may easily return by clicking the back button within your browser. Another option is that of typing the amazon site url (ex. in your browser and press the ‘Enter’ button.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime?
You may unsubscribe your Amazon Prime subscription within your account.

How to change language on Amazon?
Changing the language is not possible on all Amazon sites. Where possible, the language can be changed by clicking on the country flag next to the the search box that is located in the top section of the page.

Is Amazon safe to order from?
Ordering from Amazon is the safest online shopping can be. Amazon is a global company that is recognized for its efficiency and trustworthiness. Also, if a product does not arrive or arrives damaged one can request a refund.

How do I contact Amazon by email?
You may contact Amazon by visiting the customer service page within your Amazon account and choosing how to progress.

Is safe?
Yes, is as safe as any other amazon site.

Can you pay with paypal on Amazon?
Amazon does not provide paypal as a payment option.

Our Opinion

Amazon is the e-commerce site. It boasts a wide variety of products with any brand you imagine at competitive pricing. Their customer service is top-notch, should you encounter any issues with the delivery of the product or the product itself you may rest assured that Amazon will handle your request in a satisfactory way.


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