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Christmas is a joyous and cheerful time on the Maltese islands.  Many people look forward to the Christmas season.  It is the time to enjoy the company of family and friends.  With a good deal of food and drinks.  It is the time to shop for special gifts for your dearest.  The Christmas feel in the southern European country is unique.  Homes and shops are decorated with colourful decorations.  Christmas carols play in shops and along main shopping streets.  The atmosphere all around Malta is great throughout the festive season.

Stroll around the streets of towns and villages to view how the Maltese decorate their homes.  With magical Christmas lights and door wreaths.  To Nativity cribs or Christmas trees in their windows.  

Malta is a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas.  The weather is pleasant.  Malta’s Mediterranean climate means that the daytime temperatures range between 15ºC to 20ºC.  Though certain days can be rainy and windy.  You will still get several sunny days in December.  Malta is way warmer than other European countries.

The Maltese islands have their individual and distinctive traditions.  Midnight mass is held on Christmas Eve.  With the traditional altar boy preaching the sermon.  On Christmas morning many towns and villages hold the procession of Baby Jesus.  This is usually accompanied by a marching band.  On Christmas day the majority of local families hold the traditional Christmas lunch.

If you are in Malta during the Christmas season it is a must to view the Nativity cribs.  You will see handcrafted cribs and others which are mechanically-operated.  Several villages hold crib displays.  These can either be exhibitions held in Church halls.  Or local residents who turn their garage into a crib for public viewing.

Christmas Shopping in Malta

Every Christmas is distinctive and special.  It is the time of giving.  The joy of watching your family’s and friends’ faces when opening presents.  Make it an outstanding Christmas, shop something unique for your loved ones!  Christmas shopping is an important part of the festive period.  It is a great way to spend time together.

The island has delightful shopping places which get you in the Christmas spirit.  These places are beautifully decorated.  Shops and cafes are busy and create a lively atmosphere.  The ambience in all locations is joyous and cheerful.  Sliema and Valletta are the top shopping locations.  Yet, other major shopping areas all gear up for the festive season.

You will find a suitable gift for everyone from local shops.  Buy gifts for your loved ones.  Treat yourself or walk around the streets and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.  The most popular presents in recent years are electronic items and luxury goods.  These include watches and jewellery.  Sales of beauty products show a positive trend.

Year on year shops improve their customer’s Christmas shopping experience.  They put in a lot of time and effort into décor and lighting.  With lovely and colourful decorations.  Keeping the level of Christmas spirit high and merry in the holiday season.

In recent years, Christmas shops have mushroomed in Malta.  You will find several Christmas shops in various localities.  These shops open their doors at the beginning of October.  These shops sell a range of distinctive and high-quality decorations.  From Christmas Trees, lights, Nativity sets, figurines to dining sets.  Manned by experienced sales assistants who help you choose the decorations you need.  To create the best Christmas atmosphere at home, office or outlet.

During the holiday season, most shops operate an extended hour schedule.  They are open on Sundays and public holidays.  Prepare yourself for crowded shops and streets.  Once shops close, people move to cafes and restaurants to grab a bite and warm up.  Whilst enjoying the magical Christmas atmosphere in a relaxed and cheerful environment.

Though online shopping is on the increase, the personal experience you get from visiting shops is special.  It is a necessary part in the build-up to Christmas. 

Christmas Presents

Christmas Shopping in Valletta

Malta’s capital city is one of the most sought after locations for Christmas shopping.  It provides unparalleled retail, catering and entertainment all in one place.  Valletta’s main shopping streets are decorated with beautiful street lights.  A Christmas market takes place at Valletta’s entrance in ‘Pjazza Tritoni’.  This market has a food court and kids attractions.  This adds to the magical Christmas atmosphere.  You will feel the Christmas joy all around Valletta.  Valletta looks wonderful making it a delightful place to shop.

Christmas decorations adorn all shops creating a lively Christmas ambience.  Which tempts you to enter and shop.  In Valletta, you will find international franchise stores and local boutique brands.  Together with toy shops and souvenir outlets.  You are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying Christmas gifts.  The principal shopping streets are Merchants Street and Republic Street.  Together with the side streets of St. Lucia and St. Zachary.  Besides, you will find small shops situated along other side streets. 

In the City, you will find all the gifts on your list.  From clothes, jewellery, accessories, beauty products, to electronics, toys and houseware.  Walk around the charming streets and view shop windows for gift ideas.

Valletta is jam-packed with eateries and bars tucked away in its narrow streets.  Together with those situated in its main streets.  They are open till late at night.  You can enjoy a meal or drink after shopping.

Businesses situated in Valletta look forward to shoppers during Christmas time.  As this can make or break their financial year.  December is the turning point for commerce in the City.  It is a custom that sales pick up towards the beginning of December.  Malta has two public holidays at the beginning of December.  Both days are decisive in determining the sales which lead the way to Christmas.  To boost trade, a variety of Christmas attractions are located around the City.  To attract shoppers to Valletta.

Even though it is the Christmas season the majority of shops in Valletta close their doors at 7pm. 

Christmas Shopping in Paola

Situated in the south of the island, Paola is in high demand when it comes to shopping.  In Paola you are bound to find the highest number of local boutiques boasting unique items.   Located in the center of town is the Main Street Shopping complex.   Here you will find several famed international fashion brands.  Paola is the place to go shopping if you want to grab a bargain.  You can buy your Christmas gifts at a cheaper price here than anywhere else.

Paola’s neighbouring town, Fgura is also renowned for its shopping experience.  Fgura is home to local retail establishments selling clothes, shoes and accessories.  In Paola and Fgura you will come across several deals.  You will return home with a happy feeling after striking off a couple of Christmas gifts from your list.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Shopping in Sliema

The largest commercial place in Malta is the coastal town of Sliema.  This is the ideal shopping destination.  Christmas shopping in Sliema is by far the most popular.  Both with local residents and tourists.  Sliema is alive and busy with shoppers all year round.  Yet, at this magical time of the year it’s even more vibrant.  Visit Sliema during this splendid time of the year to relish in the Christmas happiness and joy.  Streets and shops have amazing and outstanding decorations creating a magical atmosphere.  Christmas carols are playing in stores.  Both streets and shops are bustling with shoppers eager to buy their Christmas gifts.  You are sure to find everything you need to treat yourself and dearest ones.

In Sliema you will find what you are looking for.  There are plenty of shops that cater for all kinds of gifts.  You are spoilt for choice.  Sliema is home to several high-street brands and luxurious designer stores.  These are situated along its main streets or in one of the two of the shopping centers.  These being The Point Shopping Center and the Plaza Shopping Center.  Bisazza Street and Tower Road are two famous shopping streets with several stores. 

Outlets in Sliema operate extended hours during the festive season.  Shops are open till around 9pm.  You can shop till late in the evening in a special Christmas atmosphere.

The Point Shopping Center is the largest shopping complex on the island.  With a variety of different outlets.  From clothing, footwear, jewellery, beauty products to electronics, books, toys and kitchenware.  During the festive season The Point is open from 10am till 7.30pm from Monday to Sunday.

If after visiting all the shops you are still undecided about what to buy you can get a voucher.  You can either buy a voucher to be redeemed at a particular outlet.  Or you can buy a voucher from the shopping center.  This can be redeemed at any shop within the complex.

Christmas is the time for events and family gatherings.  In Sliema you are sure to come across everything you need to attend events.  From clothing and accessories to attend the event to gifts to present to who invited you.

A Christmas market is held in Bisazza Street during one of the advent weekends.  Explore the several Christmas huts that are set along the street.  Each selling a variety of local produce and hand-made products.  You can count on a selection of festive food and a glass of mulled wine to add to the Christmas cheer.

Once you finish shopping you can walk along the Sliema Promenade.  Or along the Sliema Ferries taking in Valletta’s breathtaking views.  You can dine at any one of the restaurants located along the coast.  Or relax and unwind while sipping a glass of wine at a bar.  Or you can treat yourself to coffee and dessert at a cafe.  The Christmas ambience is sure to boost your spirits.

Located close to Sliema is the town of St. Julian’s.  It has a popular shopping complex, Baystreet.  This complex has a variety of shops and eateries.  It is open till 10pm everyday all year round. 

Christmas Shopping in Birkirkara, Mosta and Ħamrun

Situated in Malta’s central area these towns are renowned for their shopping experience.  The main streets and shops are decorated with bright lights and Christmas decorations.  Most of the shops in these towns are local boutique stores.  The stores in these towns are less crowded than those in Valletta and Sliema.  So you can enjoy yourself whilst buying your Christmas gifts in a quieter atmosphere. 

This Christmas, organize yourself.  Set a budget and do not leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute.  You will avoid the stress and the last minute panic buying.  Plan your Christmas shopping well as it is not easy to find the perfect gift.


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