Black Friday Words

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday sales originated in the United States of America.  But throughout the years Black Friday sales spread all over the world.  Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving Day.  Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.  Black Friday is an American tradition which denotes the beginning of Christmas shopping.  It is well-known to be the most busiest and profitable shopping day throughout the year.  Shops provide bargain prices on the day.  They offer a wide range of deals in a bid to lure shoppers to their shops. Online stores also provide these offers.

Another popular shopping day is Cyber Monday.  Cyber Monday promotes online shopping.  It occurs the following Monday.  Cyber Monday is seen as an extension of Black Friday.  All sales take place online during a 24-hour event.

How the term Black Friday Originated?

The term Black Friday dates back to the early 1960s.  This originated in Philadelphia.  Police officers started using the expression ‘Black Friday’.  As a way to describe the chaos created by a large number of shoppers.  Who came into the city to start their Christmas shopping.  Large crowds were a source of headache for the police. They had to work longer shifts to deal with the traffic jams, accidents and shoplifting.  In a short time, the dreaded workday became known as ‘Black Friday’.  Hence, this expression took root in Philadelphia.  It then spread to salespersons.  Who used the term to describe the long queues and chaos they had to handle on that day.

In the late 1980s, the term ‘Black Friday’ took a connotation to denote magnified retail sales.  It was vendors who spread the red-to-black profit narrative.  The phrase ‘Black Friday’ began appearing in TV commercials and printed advertisements.  Seen as the day when shops turned a profit for the year.  The greatest money-making shopping day in the United States.

Some also advocate that the phrase ‘Black Friday’ is a reference to profitability.  As ‘black’ signifies the recording of profits in accounting terms.  The aim of retailers is to ensure ample sales during Black Friday.  To position themselves ‘in black’ for their financial year.

Black Friday in Malta

Dubbed as the most lucrative shopping day of the year.  Popular for its impressive deals on a range of products and services.  Black Friday in 2022 will be the 25th November.  In 2023 it will be on the 24th November and in 2024 it will be on the 29th November.  Exceptional Black Friday deals are offered across all industries.  From clothing, accessory retailers and toy shops.  To electronics and gadget outlets, homeware and home applications stores.  Local leading retailers are known for slashing their prices.  Customers look out for the great deals.

Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season with a bang and draws hordes of shoppers.  On Black Friday retailers in Malta and Gozo provide outstanding discounts.  Both online and in-store.  Their aim is to attract customers to their stores.  To enjoy the discount online you are given a coupon code which you need to apply at check out.  All outlets see a spike in sales due to an increase in footfall.  To cater for increased competition many merchants offer their promotions all throughout November.  Also, on the day the majority of all shops remain open well into the night.  They operate extended hours.

Planning Black Friday promotions and discounts starts early.  All retailers take part in Black Friday.  Retailers advertise special offers.  Rock-bottom prices on slow moving stock and special discounts on seasonal inventory.  In particular, home appliance and electronics vendors provide large discounts on top selling brands.

The goal of every retailer it to attract customers to their store.  With the hope that customers buy the higher margin items.  Customers look forward to the contents of Black Friday adverts.  It is through these adverts that customers plan their shopping.  So vendors go to great lengths to clinch appropriate commercial displays and announcements.  The more the adverts and the greater the discounts offered.  The more customers find it difficult to resist the fall to the big shopping day.

Popular international outlets and brands such as Amazon, ASOS, Boohoo.  Who deliver to Malta also provide Black Friday deals to local residents.  Many of the deals on offer are a percentage discount across all products.  Or percentage discount on a specific range of products.

Black Friday Discounts

Preparation for Black Friday in Malta

A large amount of retail businesses located in Malta and Gozo on an annual basis offer Black Friday deals.  Black Friday is a profitable day for all retail outlets.  It has become one of the most important days in business.  Many businesses look forward to the sales on this day to close the financial year in black.

Retailers make the most of the Black Friday period.  The earlier local businesses advertise their promotions the greater the exposure locals get.  Local retailers should take into consideration that competition is not only local.  But they face huge international competition.  Year in, year out the Maltese government sends a message to shoppers.  To buy from local retailers to support Malta’s economy.   By shopping from outlets in Malta customers save on delivery expenses.  They have the product instantly and it is easier to exchange.

In recent years, Maltese businesses understood the benefits they get through online sales.  Many invested in digital platforms to boost their sales.  Not only in online stores but in marketing, advertising and customer services.  It is crucial for businesses to have a digital presence in today’s globalised world.

Historically, business in Malta during November was slow.  That is before the introduction of Black Friday.  Black Friday brought life to the retail business in November.

How Online Shops prepare for Black Friday

Same as walk-in stores, online retailers need to prepare for Black Friday.  It is common for online Black Friday deals to start at the beginning of the week.  Online marketing strategies play a crucial role.  In attracting customers to your online store.

An important marketing strategy online retailers make use of is to display the best offers and products on site to boost product sales.  The best deals need to be placed in a position to capture the viewer’s attention.  Utilise banners and pop-ups that catch the visitor’s attention, the minute they land on your site.

Social sharing is a great marketing strategy utilised by online retailers.  Online retailers need to drive traffic to the website to enhance sales.  Paid social media and Google ads is the approach utilised by the majority of online vendors.  Yet, online retailers can encourage shoppers to share promotions in return for discounts.  Position these offers on your homepage and check-out page.

Too much price reductions and special promotions can be overwhelming to potential customers.  You can assist them by creating gift ideas.  Create gift guides aimed at a variety of segments so that you direct customers to their needs.  These includes gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for teachers etc.  Feature these gift guides on your homepage.

Black Friday customers are the same as your regular customers.  Yet, they are eager and quicker to open up their wallets.  All you need is to give them a little push to make a buy.  Ensure that in prime spots on your website you highlight prominent and striking offers.  Such as free shipping, free gifts, referral coupons and discounts on next buy.

Tips before taking up Black Friday Deals

Locals await Black Friday deals with eagerness.  Christmas is round the corner.  So shoppers consider it an occasion to save money on gifts.  Yet, appearances can be deceptive.  Certain offers and discounts can led to disappointments.

As a consumer you are to undertake research before commencing your shopping.  Identify items you need to buy.  Write a list of the Christmas gifts you need.  Then look out for the stores which sell the items you need.  Check out the discounts on offer.  Familiarize yourself with the retailer’s presale prices.  To confirm that the retailer’s Black Friday discounts are genuine.  Back up your research by checking out retailers selling similar items.  Compare prices this helps you form an opinion.  To steer clear of being influenced by advertised promotions.  It assists you to think.

The best Black Friday deals you can get are on gaming consoles.  Video games, home appliances and smart home technology.  These products have significant price cuts.  Clothes and toys are discounted.  But do not have outstanding reductions that make them a great deal.

Vendors need to keep in mind that consumer law applies when people buy at discounted prices.  The discounted product must be of the same quality as the product had it not been discounted.  If the product is faulty the customer is entitled to repair or replacement.  If the product cannot be repaired or replaced than the customer has the right to claim a full or partial refund.

Vendors who markdown damaged products are to inform the customer beforehand.  In such case, the customer is not entitled to return the product.

Consumers who buy in store need to check the outlet’s return policy.  Most retailers shorten the return time-window for products bought on sale.  Yet, they still accept product returns for exchange or provide a refund.  Consumers who intend to use Black Friday deals to buy Christmas gifts must ensure that the retailer provides a flexible returns policy.  To enable receivers to exchange unwanted gifts after Christmas.

Consumers who buy online still have 14 days to return a product and are entitled for full refund.  But read the vendor’s return policy.  Some vendors demand that the customer pays for return postage.

When advertising discounts retailers are obliged to show the product’s final selling price.  It is not enough to display only the percentage mark down.

In Malta, any disagreement which customers have with retailers can be brought to the attention of the Office for Consumer Affairs.  You can either fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form found on the MCCAA website or call on 8007 4400.

This Black Friday save money on Christmas gifts, spoil yourself or buy a valuable item at a fraction of the price!


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