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Unlocking Opportunities and Trust: The Importance of a Police Conduct Certificate in Malta

In this picturesque Mediterranean nation, a clean police conduct certificate is not only a legal obligation.  It is key to building trust, fostering opportunities and leading a successful life.  With its vibrant culture and thriving economy.  Malta offers several prospects for its residents.  Yet, maintaining a clean police record is paramount to accessing these opportunities. 

This article explores the significance of a clean police conduct certificate in Malta.  How it impacts individuals’ lives and their interactions with society.

Why do you need a Police Conduct Certificate in Malta?

Legal Implications

A clean police conduct certificate is essential for every individual in Malta.  It reflects their compliance with the law and adherence to societal norms.  A police record contains a history of an individual’s interactions with law enforcement.  Including any arrests, charges or convictions.  A clean conduct certificate implies that an individual has not been involved in criminal activities.  Which is crucial for various legal purposes.

One of the most critical aspects of having a clean conduct certificate is its role in obtaining various licenses and permits.  A clean police record is a prerequisite to get a driver’s license.  Same for a firearm license or even a work permit for non-Maltese citizens.  Another important use is to apply for immigration status in another country.

In Malta, police conduct certificates are essential for employment.  Both for public and private sector employment.  Employers need employees to provide a police conduct certificate.  Individuals with criminal records may face limitations when applying for jobs.  In particular in sectors that need a high degree of trust and responsibility.

Building Trust and Reputation

A clean police conduct certificate is not only about adhering to the law.  But also about building trust within the community and society at large.  Maltese society values individuals who show good moral character and law-abiding behavior.  Having a clean conduct certificate serves as a testament to an individual’s integrity.  Besides its respect for societal norms.

When individuals engage in criminal activities.  Or have a history of arrests and convictions.  It can have a detrimental impact on their reputation and relationships.  Employers, landlords and even potential partners may be hesitant to trust.  Or associate with someone who has a criminal record.  In contrast, those with a clean conduct certificate are more likely to enjoy trust.  Besides the respect of their peers and community.

Educational and Professional Opportunities

In Malta a clean police conduct certificate plays a pivotal role.  In accessing educational and professional opportunities.  Many professional organizations conduct background checks as part of their hiring processes.  Individuals with a clean police certificate are more likely to meet the eligibility criteria.  Thus securing these opportunities.

When it comes to educational institutions.  A clean police conduct certificate is often required for admission.  To certain programs, scholarships, or study abroad opportunities.

Besides, when applying for certain jobs.  In sectors such as finance, healthcare or law enforcement.  A clean police police conduct certificate is a standard rule.  So a criminal record can limit an individual’s career choices.  Besides, hindering their professional growth.

Immigration and Residency

Malta has a significant expatriate community.  A clean police conduct certificate is crucial for non-Maltese citizens.  In particular those seeking immigration or residency status in the country.  The Maltese government carries out thorough background checks.  To assess an applicant’s eligibility for residence or citizenship.  A criminal record can lead to the rejection of such applications.  As a result it could jeopardize an individual’s plans to live and work in Malta.

Rehabilitation and Second Chances

While a clean police conduct certificate is vital in Malta.  It is also essential to acknowledge the importance of rehabilitation.  Along with second chances for individuals who have made mistakes in the past.

Maltese law recognizes the value of rehabilitation.  There are mechanisms in place to help individuals with criminal records.  To help them reintegrate into society.  Such as Malta’s probation services.  Who provide support and guidance to individuals who have committed offenses.  Aiming to help them rebuild their lives and avoid recidivism.  In some cases and after a certain period of time.  Individuals may also be eligible to have their criminal records erased or sealed.  Allowing them a fresh start.

Malta Police

Where to get a Police Conduct Certificate in Malta?

In Malta, the police conduct certificate is issued by the Criminal Records Office.  Located at the Department of Justice, 18, Triq is-Suq, Floriana.

Details of the police conduct certificate are according to Maltese Law.  That as per the First Schedule Form A or Form B of Chapter 77 of the Laws of Malta.

Local residents can call in person at the Criminal Records Office or apply online.  Those who apply online will receive the certificate by standard or registered post.  Depending on the applicant’s choice. 

Should the applicant wish to call in person.  The office opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 12:00 and from 12:15 to 14:15.  On Saturday from 8:15 to 12:00.

Applicants who call in person are to present a form of identification.  Either an identity card or a valid driving licence or a valid passport.

Applicants with a foreign address are to apply online.  The certificate is sent by registered post only.  All foreign applicants are to apply online well ahead of time.  Bear in mind that clearance needs to be obtained from the applicant’s country’s authorities.  In order for the police conduct certificate to be issued.

The police conduct certificate fee is €2.80.

In case of any queries you can contact the Criminal Records Office.  The telephone contact details are 2327 9400.  Email addresses are or

How to apply Online for the Maltese Police Conduct Certificate?

Beat the queues and apply for the police conduct certificate online.  The online system is operated by the police.  Apply for the certificate via the website  Or through mobile via the “Kondotti” app.  You will receive the police conduct certificate by post.

Both when applying through the website or the app.  The applicant is to select a type of residence, being either local, EU or foreign.

Local residents need their eID to proceed.  Users are to input their eID.  Once this is done all of the applicant’s personal details are uploaded in the online form.  The next step is to choose the type of postage.  That is either through standard or registered mail.  Settle the postage cost and certificate fee.  Then proceed to submit the form.

The same procedure applies for EU residents.  But EU residents are to select their nationality.  Once selected you are directed to another portal.  EU residents are to use their national eID to access online services.

Once the police vet the application and issue the certificate.  A notification is sent to the applicant.  Local and EU residents are to allow 5 working days to receive the police conduct certificate.

Foreign non-EU residents are to select a new application and fill in user details.   Then upload an authorisation document together with a relevant identification document. Bear in mind clearance needs to be obtained from the authorities in the country of residence.

The Significance of a Clean Police Conduct Certificate

A police conduct certificate in Malta is not only a legal obligation.  It is a symbol of an individual’s commitment to upholding the law.  Building trust within the community and accessing a wide range of opportunities.  From education and employment to immigration and residency.  A clean police police conduct certificate opens doors.  It paves the way for a successful and fulfilling life.

While the importance of a clean police record cannot be overstated.  It is also essential to remember that people can change and deserve second chances.  Malta’s legal system recognizes this.  Offering opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration into society.  By emphasizing the significance of a clean police conduct certificate.  Besides providing support for those seeking to turn their lives around.  Malta strives to create a fair and inclusive society for all its residents.


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