Malta Boat Trip

Exploring the Beauty of Malta: A Guide to Unforgettable Boat Tours

Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean sea.  The picturesque islands of Malta have long been a haven for travelers.  Seeking breathtaking landscapes, rich history and vibrant culture.  There are many ways to explore this stunning archipelago.  One experience stands out as both unique and captivating: boat tours.  Embarking on a boat tour in Malta offers an opportunity to uncover hidden coves and secluded bays. That surround this enchanting destination.  Experience the best boat tours in Malta.  From relaxing sunset cruises to thrilling excursions.

With warm and sunny weather all year round. Boat trips are a great way to explore the island’s beautiful azure seas.  At the same time take in the unique mesmerizing views of Malta’s coastline.   

Discovering Malta’s Coastline

The Maltese islands boast a coastline that is nothing short of spectacular.  The islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino are surrounded by crystal clear waters.  Stunning rock formations and secluded bays make for an ideal setting to discover by boat. As you set sail along the coast, you will be treated to panoramic views of rugged landscapes. Which contrast against the blue sea.  The warm Mediterranean sun dancing on the waves.  Creates a mesmerizing play of light and color.  That’s a feast for the eyes.

Boat tours provide the unique opportunity to visit fantastic spots.  Those which are only accessible by boat.  The best time for a boat tour is from April to October.  Some boat trips are still offered during November.  Keep in mind that sea temperatures rise from June to September.  So if you intend to enjoy water activities then this is the best time for a boat trip.


Gozo: A Tranquil Escape

One of the highlights of any boat tour in Malta is a visit to the tranquil island of Gozo.  Known for its laid-back atmosphere and natural beauty.  Gozo offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  As you approach the island by boat, you will be greeted by its iconic silhouette.  A picturesque blend of charming villages and historical sites.

Take a tour around the island of Gozo with stops at Comino.  You will see natural wonders around Gozo.  Such as rocky cliffs, natural hidden coves and charming bays.  Cruise along the stunning blue shores.  Whilst breathing the Mediterranean sea air. 

Must-see stops on your Gozo itinerary are Ħondoq ir-Rummien Bay and Ramla Bay.  Ramla Bay is famous for its golden sands and inviting waters.  The boat ride to this heaven allows you to appreciate the coastline from a unique vantage point.  Once ashore you can relax on the beach.  Or explore the nearby Calypso Cave.  Or take a stroll through the surrounding countryside.

Comino: The Blue Lagoon’s Allure

No exploration of Malta by boat would be complete without a visit to the famous Blue Lagoon.  Situated off the coast of the small island of Comino.  This natural wonder is a true testament to the beauty of the Mediterranean.  The lagoon’s vibrant turquoise waters are so clear that you can see the seabed beneath.  Creating an irresistible invitation to dive in.

Approaching the Blue Lagoon by boat intensifies the sense of anticipation.  As you draw nearer, the water’s color becomes more intense.  A vivid contrast with the rough coastline.  The boat anchors at the Blue Lagoon.  Giving you the chance to swim, snorkel or bask in the stunning surroundings.  Exploring the underwater world reveals a diverse array of marine life.  Making it a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Comino is a very sought after destination.  So many boat tours from various localities leave for the island several times during the day.  Tours for Comino are in high demand from Buġibba and Sliema Ferris.  You can also take the hop on, hop off, ferry to reach Blue Lagoon.  But keep in mind that you have to find a place on shore.

Several boat tours combine the visit to the Blue Lagoon with stops at concealed bays on the small island.  Make sure your excursion includes a visit to Crystal Lagoon and Santa Marija Bay.

Private boat tours are another ideal way to reach Comino.  You have the option to charter a boat with a captain.  Have the boat all to yourself.  From 2 hours up to a full-day, it’s your choice.  Plan the route with your captain before you set off.  Make the most of your time and visit hidden bays.  Whilst enjoying a wonderful snorkeling experience around Comino.

Several boat companies offer the option to take a sunset cruise.  You can enjoy spectacular sunsets and amazing beaches at leisure from your boat.  Some offer a dining experience at an extra fee.

The Grand Harbour’s Historical Significance

Beyond the natural splendor.  A boat tour in the Grand Harbour offers a unique perspective on the islands’ rich history.  The Grand Harbour has a strategic position in the Maltese archipelago.  It has played a crucial role in the Mediterranean’s history for centuries.  Approaching the islands from the sea allows you to imagine the perspectives of ancient mariners.  Traders and conquerors who arrived on these shores.

Valletta, Malta’s capital city, is a prime example of this historical significance.  Its impressive fortifications and amazing architecture are best appreciated from the sea.  As your boat sails along the imposing bastions.  You will gain a newfound appreciation for the engineering marvels of bygone eras.

The Grand Harbour with its stunning bastions is one of the most beautiful ports in Europe.  A boat tour around the Grand Harbour offers the sight of a wealth of historic landmarks.  Appreciate Valletta and the Three Cities from the comfort of your boat.  A full Grand Harbour tour takes around 2 hours.  As a bonus the guide will give a detailed history on Valletta and the Grand Harbour.

Most boat tours provide the option to tour Marsamxett Harbour at an extra cost.

Blue Grotto

Captivating Caves and Grottos

Malta’s coastline is adorned with many caves and grottos.  That tell stories of the island’s geological past.  A boat tour provides an extraordinary opportunity to explore these hidden gems.  Each with its own unique charm.

One such marvel is the famous Blue Grotto.  Located at Wied iż-Żurrieq on the southern coast of Malta.  This intricate network of sea caves is renowned for its sparkling blue waters.  On the 30 minute boat tour you get to explore other caves which dot the south west of Malta.  The best time to visit the area is mid-afternoon to early evening. 

Blue Grotto leaves its visitors in awe for its striking blue reflections on the grotto’s rock.  Illuminated by sunlight reflecting off the limestone walls.  As the boat navigates through the grotto.  The sunlight passes through the cave’s cavities shining through water.  This creates a breathtaking reflection against the blue sea.  Making the experience an unforgettable one.

Choosing Your Boat Tour

When selecting a Malta boat tour, you’ll find a range of options to suit your preferences.  From cruises on traditional Maltese boats.  To high-speed adventures on modern vessels.  There’s something for everyone.

Malta boat trips embark and disembark passengers from several locations.  Situated around Malta and Gozo.  Popular departing ports are Sliema Ferries, Valletta, Buġibba Harbour and Mellieħa.  In Gozo, boat trips leave from Gozo Ferry Terminal and Xlendi.

Boat trips can be for a full-day or half-day.  These include a tour guide which provides historical knowledge.  Most boat tours provide various stops along the way at renowned sights. 

If your days are jam packed, the best way to explore Malta is by a sunset boat tour.  Sunset Malta cruises are very popular.  The islands look incredible at sunset.  You will get to see the best sights by night.  Enjoy your trip around Malta while having dinner over a glass of wine.  

For those seeking a personalized experience, take a private boat charter.  Hire a boat with an experienced and knowledgeable captain.  Escape the crowds and enjoy picturesque views from the comfort of your boat.  Private boat tours give you the opportunity to tailor your itinerary.  Choosing the destinations and activities that resonate most with you.  A private boat tour offers flexibility and intimacy.  Make your boat trip experience an unforgettable one!

Private yacht charters can take groups of up to 11 people.  You can tailor your boat tour to spend half a day cursing around the islands.  Visiting the island’s most beautiful places.  Then go for a swim and relax at a secluded bay in Gozo.  Though you can tailor your itinerary, staff at boat charter companies are happy to help you choose the best bays to visit for the day.  Most private boat tours include beverages and snacks.  Besides equipment for water activities.  Yet, it’s best to confirm with the company upon booking.  

Boat tour prices vary according to the tour.  A group boat tour starts from €25.  Prices for group boat tours depend on the excursions you opt for.  Some group boat tours do provide the option to supply drinks and snacks at an extra charge.  Whilst, a private boat rental costs anywhere from €600 to €1,200 per group. 

Practical Tips for Your Boat Tour

Before embarking on your boat tour in Malta, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind:

  • Take with you sun protection.  The Mediterranean sun can be intense.  So be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to shield yourself from the sun’s rays.
  • Wear swimwear and pack towels.  Most boat tours include opportunities for swimming and snorkeling.  So don’t forget to pack your swimwear and a towel.  Several tours do provide snorkeling equipment.  Yet, its best to confirm with your captain beforehand.  
  • To capture the breathtaking views and get a closer look at distant landmarks.  Bring along a camera or a pair of binoculars.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable footwear.  While you’ll likely spend much of your time on the boat.  Comfortable footwear is essential for exploring on land.  Especially if you plan to visit historical sites.
  • Boat tours are very popular during peak tourist season.  It’s advisable to book your tour in advance to secure your spot.
  • Arrive at the departure point around 15 – 30 minutes before departure time.

A boat tour in Malta is a captivating journey.  That unveils the islands’ natural beauty.  Historical significance and hidden treasures from a unique perspective.  From the serene shores of Gozo to the dazzling Blue Lagoon.  Each stop on your itinerary offers a new and breathtaking experience.  Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover.  Or seeking relaxation, a boat tour promises memories that will last a lifetime.  So, set sail and immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Malta’s coastline.  A true Mediterranean paradise waiting to be explored.


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