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The petting farm is located in the southern part of the Ta’ Qali National Park.  It is a government owned family park inaugurated in December 2012.  The petting farm is a recreational space for the whole family.  It covers an area of approximately 13,300 square metres of land.  It improves and embellishes the National Park in Ta’ Qali.

It is a place for families and children alike.  To entertain themselves in a beautifully landscaped and relaxing environment.  Children learn about and play with animals.  The petting farm provides a unique interaction experience with farm animals.  It offers an opportunity for children to be at close range with uncommon animals.  Farm animals such as horses, goats, sheep and ponies live in the park.

Kids enjoy themselves seeing, petting and feeding farm animals.  At this park children get the chance to approach animals.  They can feed and touch each animal.  Animals at the petting farm are nurtured to be amicable.  Consider that the entry to the rabbit petting section is within the rabbit club’s control.  So people visiting the farm can access this area when volunteers are present.

The petting farm is a tranquil and serene place.  It makes you relax and feel at peace.  It is a great place to spend an hour or two.  In the park the children can run around freely.  The petting farm’s staff are responsible for the upkeep of the park.  The area is controlled by security and is under surveillance 24×7.

Entry to the petting farm is free.  Located outside the entrance are a significant number of parking spaces.

The opening hours are as follows:

Winter: 06.30am – 19.30pm

Summer: 06.30am – 20.30pm.


Farm Animals at the Petting Farm

Looking for fun out in the sun than head to the petting farm.  There you will find the friendliest farm animals around.  Kids can play and run around throughout the park.

Upon entering from the parking lot you will find an aviary and next to it various rabbit hutches.  Walking further in you will find a duck pond, a larger aviary, a chicken coop and a fish pond.  Located in the centre of the petting farm are some pens.  These pens are home to several farm animals.  Amongst which are donkey, a horse, a pony, a llama, goats and sheep.  Throughout the place you will find play areas and activity sheds.

The aviary holds many species of colourful birds.  Such as budgies, love birds, canaries, doves, partridges, parakeets, zebra finches, cockatiels and any many others.  Peacocks are close to the aviary in a separate area.

Rabbits in hutches are of different breeds.  The petting farm is home to over fifty rabbit breeds.

In the duck pond you will appreciate the pochards, mallards and geese swimming around.  The chicken coop holds several hens and cockerels.

Throughout the fish pond area you find a couple of benches.  Where you can sit, relax and enjoy the tranquility.  While watching the koi fish swimming in the fish pond.  You can buy fish food onsite from food dispensers at a minimal charge.

This is a place that kids in Malta like to visit often.  Grandparents and parents get some fruits and vegetables for their children.  So as to feed their favourite farm animals.  Such as carrots for rabbits.  Apples for the horse, pony and donkey.  Lettuce for the sheep and goats.  Kids have the opportunity to pet the animals while handing them food.  Keep a constant watch your little ones when feeding and petting animals.


The Malta Rabbit Club

The Malta rabbit club is situated in the petting farm.  Founded in 1963 by Mr Joe Debattista the club has several duties.  In general it promotes and helps develop the hobby and well-being of pet rabbits.  It recommends rabbit therapy and encourages home breeders.  It educates on the rabbits’ care and preservation of their environment.

The rabbits living at the petting farm pertain to the club.  The club handles their conservation and medication.  The petting farm is home to a variety of rabbit breeds for visitors to enjoy.  The petting farm has another area with a sizeable enclosure.  This enclosure houses the Maltese rabbit known as “Tax-Xiber”.  A species that originated from the wild.

Also, situated at a site on the petting farm is a rabbit herb garden.  One of the club’s volunteers takes care of this garden.  It is believed that rabbits respond to natural remedies to heal certain alignments.

Public Transport to Ta’ Qali Petting Farm

When it comes to public transport, Malta and Gozo only operate a bus network.  Access the Malta public transport website to view routes, timetables and fares.  Discover the best way to Ta’ Qali petting farm through the route map listed on the website.

The following bus routes drive near the petting farm in Ta’ Qali and have stops nearby:

  • Bus: 56, 186, 202

The nearest bus stop is Ħġieġ with only 1 minute walk away.  The route that stops at this stage is 56.  Other close bus stops are Snajja and Village.  All three bus routes mentioned stop at both locations.  If you prefer to have a short walk around Ta’Qali National Park the Stadium and Venture stops are not far from the petting farm.

The closest bus stops to the petting farm are:

  • Ħġieġ is 120 meters away, 1 min walk

  • Snajja is 220 meters away, 3 min walk

  • Village is 450 meters away, 5 min walk

  • Venture is 450 meters away, 6 min walk

  • Stadium is 850 meters away, 10 min walk.

Route 202 is the first bus that goes to the petting farm at 06:08am. With the last bus on the same route being 19:05pm. The last bus that goes to the petting farm is at 19:20pm this being route 186.

Directions to Ta’ Qali Petting Farm by Car

You can drive to the Ta’ Qali petting farm by car.  You can reach it through two ways.  Either through the road leading to Rabat or along the road leading to Mosta.

If you take the road leading to Rabat turn at the roundabout before Giardini Lambrosa.  Exit the roundabout in the direction to Attard than take the first turn left towards Ta’Qali.

Another way to the petting farm is through the road leading to Mosta.  At the roundabout before the PAMA supermarket take the exit to Ta’ Qali.  Once you reach the Ta’ Qali National Park take the turning towards the American Embassy.  The petting farm lies a few feet ahead.


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