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Filling your vehicle with fuel is indispensable. Commonly referred to as petrol stations in Malta and Gozo. These are often identified in different ways around the world. Such as fuel stations, gas stations, filling stations, gasoline stations, oil stations.Petrol stations are easy to spot around the island.  Every town and village has at least one.  They are open 24×7 and cater for all your car needs.

A fuel pump attendant is present during the day.  During the night, Sundays and Public Holidays the fuel pumps operate through self-service.  Fuel pumps are easy to use though each station has set up its own instructions on how to operate the pumps.  In case of pump malfunction the petrol station reimburses the cash paid.  Reimbursement takes place upon presentation of a valid receipt.

Almost all petrol stations accept cash and credit card payments for their services.  If you refill your fuel tank during the day, while there is an attendant, you may either pay in cash or credit card.  If you make use of the self-servicing machine you may need to pay in cash.  Though most of the modern and refurbished fuel stations do accept credit cards.

A couple of service stations have an ATM facility in case you run out of cash.  So make sure to visit one of these stations if you want to refill your tank and are out of cash.

Fuel stations located on the island are privately owned. Yet, fuel prices are uniform across all stations.

Fuel sold in a Petrol Station

The basic fuels found at all service stations around Malta and Gozo are petrol (gasoline), diesel and unleaded petrol.

In recent years petrol stations started offering new emergent fuels.  Such as ePower, eDiesel, biofuel, LPG (liquid gas), CNG fuel (natural gas) and boost diesel.  These emergent fuels are more efficient. The superior quality of any fuel used in a car engine will result in a more powerful and smoother way the car will run.

Through petrol stations you can buy racing and marine fuel.

Fuel Prices in Malta

Fuel prices at all petrol stations located in Malta and Gozo are identical.  Digital boards located at the service station entrance show the current fuel prices.  In Malta there is no need to compare fuel prices from one service station to another.  As there are no discounts on fuel prices.

Malta and Gozo fuel prices as on 07th March 2022:

  • Unleaded: €1.34
  • Diesel: €1.21
  • ePower: €1.31

Petrol Station Opening Hours

Petrol stations use attendants to fill in your fuel tank, from Monday to Friday from 06:00am to 18:00pm.  Saturdays from 06:00am till 14:00pm.  Petrol stations do not operate with attendants outside these hours, on Sundays and Public Holidays.  But you can still refill the fuel tank by using the automatic fuel dispensers.  Fuel pumps operate by self-service from 18:00pm till the next morning.  As well as during week days and round the clock on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Petrol Station Services

Petrol stations provide other useful services.  Most service stations have tyre pressure checking equipment.  An air compressor for tyre inflation.  The charge for such service is only a few cents.  Other services offered are sale of tyres and tyre puncture repair.

Employees are also available for quick maintenance.  Such as oil top-ups and wiper blade replacement.  Certain stations around the Maltese islands offer other commodities. Like ATM facilities and vending machines dispensing cigarettes and soft drinks.  Whereas some even have small snack outlets.  Some also collect used oil for proper disposal.

Large service stations provide services such as car wash, car valeting, car maintenance, wheel balancing, car service, greasing service, car air conditioning service and VRT testing.  These services are provided at large fuel stations as they hire trained people to administer these services.

Products Sold in a Petrol Station

Most petrol stations stock basic car products. Like filters, spark plugs, car batteries, wiper blades and car bulbs. Fuel stations supply lubricants and additives.  Such as brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, coolant or engine oil.

Fuel stations provide car maintenance and cleaning products.  These being car shampoo, polish, wax, sponges or cleaning gift sets.  Petrol stations also stock sun shades, window shades and dashboard protectors.  Other products sold by fuels stations include car jacks, jump leads and warning triangles.  These products are helpful in case you encounter a problem along the road.

Petrol Station Information

Take into consideration the following health measures when refilling your tank.  Keep the car windows closed to avoid inhaling fuel odours.  Fuel residues may be left on the pump so make sure to clean your hands once you finish. Avoid touching your face and eyes before cleaning your hands.

When taking fuel there might be gas emissions that exit the pump.  To avoid any fire or explosion consider the following safety procedures.  It is of utmost importance not to smoke near a petrol station.  Not to use anything that has ignition such as lighters.  Switch off your car engine and do not use your mobile phone.

Fuel Pump Malta

Types of Fuel available in Malta


eDiesel is a fuel of superior quality than the standard grade diesel.  This is suitable for all diesel engines.  It contains renewable diesel that keeps the car engine cleaner.  The end result being an improvement in performance.

Standard grade diesel leaves harmful deposits in the engine which deteriorates performance.  eDiesel reduces the build-up of these carbon deposits. It prevents the accumulation of deposits on the engine valves. Thus improving performance and lowering maintenance costs.

eDiesel contains higher cetane value when compared to standard grade diesel.  The higher the cetane number, the faster the fuel will ignite.  The more completely fuel will burn thus leaving less carbon residue behind.  This improves the engine performance.  With eDiesel the engine experiences greater performance.  Smoother and quieter running and produces fewer harmful emissions.


eUnleaded is an automotive spark-ignition engine fuel.  Composed of a mixture of various components derived from crude oil.  It is a blend of many hydrocarbons.  Derived from the fractional distillation of crude petroleum and from complex refinery processes.

Various factors determine the performance of gasoline.  This includes its anti-knock quality and its volatility.  Octane is a measure of how much the fuel can be subjected to pressure and heat without self-igniting.  The octane number is the measure of the ignition quality of gasoline.  The higher the octane number the greater the engine’s resistance to knock.  An engine running on a high octane gasoline will work smoother.  Be more efficient and will develop more power.

ePower Petrol

ePower petrol can be used in all vehicles running on gasoline.  That is all petrol engines.  ePower petrol vaporizes more readily.  Thus burning completely and leaving no carbon residue behind.  This leads to better efficiency, power and less contamination.

High performance vehicles such as cars with turbo or superchargers have higher compression ratios than other normal engines.  This necessitates the fuel to have a higher octane value.  This is necessary to prevent its engine from knocking.  Higher octane fuels do well with high-performance engines where pressures and temperatures are greater.  Usage of ePower petrol can increase the amount of available horsepower.  Leading to improved performance.

ePower Diesel

ePower diesel is a superior quality EN590 diesel with a 60 plus cetane level.  ePower Diesel contains renewable diesel.  With multi-function additives that make engines run quieter and smoother.  It contains a higher cetane value which reduces the ignition delay.  ePower Diesel increases revolutions per minute allowing the engine to perform better.

ePower diesel keeps the fuel injector nozzles clean. Owing to the efficiency of its detergent and the low carbon build-up.  This reduces consumption.  Thus improves engine durability, performance and maintenance costs.  ePower diesel provides an increase in power and torque compared to the standard grade of other diesels.

Moreover, ePower Diesel contains corrosion inhibition performance content. T his provides corrosion protection to the steel material. The renewable diesel part of the blend does not have the detrimental effect of the common type bio diesel fuels.  It also increases the cetane number and decreases the aromatic content.  In turn reducing exhaust emissions.

With ePower Diesel the engine experiences higher performance. Resulting in smoother and quieter running which produces fewer emissions.

Basic facts about Driving in Malta

To drive around the island a valid driving licence is essential.  Insure the vehicle before driving it on the road.  Driving in Malta and Gozo is on the left side to the road and you must be at least 18 years of age to drive.  This applies to all types of vehicles.

Any EU country resident have a valid driving licence can drive in Malta.  But you need to get a local driving licence if you intend to live in Malta for more than a year.


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