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The small island in the Mediterranean emanates beauty.  This beauty is a mirror reflection of the charming and appealing jewellery at hand.  The jewellers on the island have a range of unique and distinctive collections.

Malta has a good deal creative individuals.  It has a couple of family owned establishments which have been in the business for years.  The craftsmanship has been passed on from one generation to the next.  Even though jewellers design and produce jewellery for the small Maltese market.  They still manage to take their handcrafted business to a global level.  Maltese jewellery is worn by the biggest names in fashion.

Jewellery is to grace every outfit and no outfit is complete if it lacks accessories.  Jewellery shops sell a range of jewellery depending on the occasion.  A beautiful diamond pendant and a pair of diamond earrings are a perfect fit on an evening gown.  Whilst gold is ideal for casual daywear.  If you want a ‘classical’ look, then pearls and diamonds should do the trick.

Jewellery has adorned people for centuries.  Nowadays, people are more likely to wear jewellery to beautify their outfits.  To look smart and stylish.  Yet, jewellery is a beautiful reminder of a special occasion.  Such as wedding, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and graduation.

The jewellery gifted depends on the celebration.  A watch and a pair of cufflinks are the ideal gift for Holy Communion, graduation and retirement.  A Necklace, bracelet and earrings are a perfect birthday gift.  Diamonds such as a pendant, ring and earrings are the best gift for wedding anniversaries.  Yet, the most popular jewellery acquisitions are engagement and wedding rings.

History of Jewellery in Malta

Jewellery has been around for Millennia.  It played a dominant role in human civilization.  As claimed in Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs‘, jewellery lies between social and esteem needs.  Considered to relate to a sense of belonging.  While it provides status and recognition.

Early civilisations cherished jewellery.  It was a means to highlight the individual’s beauty. Jewellery pieces which adorned the individual symbolised a message.  Such as reliability, wisdom, grace, and wealth.

Jewellery is considered as an art.  Treasured for its beauty and value.  But not only! As an object it discloses history, beliefs and people’s practices.

In Malta, you will find jewellery which dates back to the Neolithic period.  Jewellery is one of the earliest arts applied on the Maltese islands.  But the most precious and historic jewellery pieces are tucked away in private collections.

Jewellery opens a window on Maltese history.  It showed the social status of an individual.  Yet both the poor and the upper-class wore some form of jewellery.  Our ancestors believed certain jewellery symbolised protection, fertility and good luck.  During Roman times, it was believed that coral protects an individual from curses and illness.  Throughout Christian times, jewellery took on a religious application.  The faithful would pray for divine intervention. Once the vow is carried through, they would present jewellery as a gift to the church or statue.

The 19th century was a fascinating chapter in Malta’s jewellery history.  A change in governance of the islands took place at the time.  The new British influence not only affected traditions and practices but even jewellery.  A large amount of jewellery from this period remains in private collections.

Malta provided its unique filigree craftsmanship to the international jewellery scene.  Desired for its intricate design and precise detail.  Many foreigners who visited Malta at the time bought filigree.

At present, the number of goldsmiths who design and produce jewellery from scratch on the islands has diminished.  Only a small number of goldsmiths remain.

Traditional Maltese Jewellery Designs

Jewellery fabricated throughout the 19th century was created out of gold and silver.  To be worn in public as a symbol of one’s status.  Jewellery is often viewed as an adornment for the noble and ruling class.  During this century the Maltese artisanship developed their filigree technique.  Filigree is made up of the bending and coiling of silver or gold into beautiful designs and motifs.  It is a notable feature of traditional Maltese jewellery.

At the beginning Maltese filigree was characterised with geometric patterns and flora.  Yet, filigree evolved to represent historical patterns.  The most common of which is the Maltese cross.  Filigree often features religious designs such as the Christian cross.  On the market you will find rosaries made out of filigree.

Chain mail was introduced to the islands in the 16th century.  During the governance of the Order of the Knights of St. John.  In the beginning this was used for armour.  But, chain mail developed to become a characteristic of traditional Maltese jewellery.  A Portuguese technique of chain-making was introduced during the 18th century.  Known as ‘gran’spinatt’.  This chain is made out of gold and it includes tiny silver or gold pellets on each link face.  At the time these chains were utilised as necklaces or to dangle pocket watches.

Pearl Necklace

Jewellery Shops and Services in Malta

Malta and Gozo are home to many jewellery stores.  Spread across many localities around the islands.  All stores have a well established reputation and are recommend by their customers.  All shops have a great collection of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches.  Made out of gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones.  You will find something to suit your taste and within your budget.

At jewellery shops you will find a unique selection of jewellery pieces.  You will find classic and contemporary jewellery.  Many of which are created by local goldsmiths.  As well as fashionable jewellery which forms part of international designer collections.  Jewellery shops provide the service of custom made jewellery.  You will provide the design.  This is then manufactured by in-house goldsmiths.  Local jewellers offer repair, cleaning and polishing of jewellery items.  Jewellers provide evaluation of jewellery pieces.  They are interested in buying gold and diamonds.

Maltese like silverware.  This is a prominent feature in Maltese heritage.  Jewellery shops stock on a variety of silverware items for sale.

All jewellery produced and sold in Malta, made out of gold and silver must be certified. According to the Maltese Government Consul’s requirements.

Buying Jewellery in Malta

Look out for the following basics when buying jewellery.  Jewellery made out of silver, gold, diamonds and precious stones is expensive.  Ensure you are making the right investment.  Buying the right jewellery is a reliable investment as it increases in value over time.  When you invest in valuable metals verify that they are of the right purity.  Such as 24-karat gold, sterling silver and platinum is to be at least 95%.

For precious stones such as diamonds verify the four C’s.  These are cut, colour, clarity and carat.  A diamond’s value is dependent on the shape in which the stone is cut, its colour, its flaws and the weight of the stone.  Every piece of jewellery is to have a certificate of authenticity.

What is the Purpose of Jewellery?

Jewellery boxes are filled with a collection of artistic jewels.  Have you ever queried why you want to own every jewel possible?  What is the purpose of jewellery to people?

Some people are more into jewellery than others.  Some persons believe that particular jewellery holds power to heal and connect.  Other individuals feel love and empowerment when they wear jewellery.  At times, it also displays social status.  The heart of everything is to understand the significance of owning and wearing jewellery.

Jewellery is a fashion accessory.  People who wear jewellery feel confident and beautiful.  It is a symbol of expressiveness.

On various occasions you will gift your loved ones with jewellery.  The gift is not only a symbol of love and warmth but it provides the recipient with memories you share together.  Gifted jewellery is a reminder of the affection you have for the person you love.  Every time you wear the gifted jewellery you will think about that person.  Jewellery acts as a tangible reminder of the shared connection.  As long as you wear that piece of jewellery the memories of your dearest stays with you.  It makes you feel doted and cherished.

The choice of the jewellery gift depends on the occasion and budget available.  Jewellery comes at a range of prices.  From a few tens to hundreds of thousands in price.  Jewellery which contains diamonds is the most expensive.  Whilst silver is modest in price.

Jewellery is a symbol of love and support.  Some pieces of jewellery you own have a greater sentimental value.  As opposed to monetary value.  Even though jewellery can be a small piece, it offers you all the trust you need.  It gives you a sense of belonging and the feeling that your dearest have your back.

Wearing jewellery makes you feel revered and appreciated.  During certain times you can feel unappealing but wearing jewellery does the trick.  By wearing the right jewellery it brings out the best in your personality.  It makes you cheerful and helps you feel renewed.

Jewellery acts as self – confidence boost.  It makes you feel beautiful and stylish.  It adds style to your clothing.  This makes you feel great.  When you feel great, you channel the positive feeling all around you.  This will help you feel special.  As a result you will have a great day!

Jewellery acts not only as a reminder of your strength and ability.  But it is also a sign of your persistence and resolve.  It is a reminiscent of your accomplishments.  That you were able to conquer your challenges.  It makes you feel empowered that you can do more.

Jewellery connects you to the past.  Family inheritance plays an important role in your life.  Inherited jewellery has sentimental value.  Jewellery passed from one generation to the next, connects you to your ancestors.  It is a way to bring to life, in our minds, the memories of our predecessors.

Jewellery is powerful.  Jewellery pieces with gemstones can offer a veil of protection.  Some people believe that gemstones have healing properties.  Such as rose quartz makes the individual open to love and trust.  Rubies bring confidence and bravery.  While emeralds make you loyal and compassionate.  Gold has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties.

Jewellery gives a perception of wealth.  It is valuable.  It is a must to wear on special occasions such weddings and anniversary dinners.  Jewellery’s popularity grew in time.  Especially with the introduction of new styles and designs in the market.

Jewellery is also a source of investment.  Certain pieces hold their value and are easy to liquidate if necessary.  Diamonds are the most desired.  Irrespective of the country’s economic situation diamonds are still sought-after.  Whilst gold is an expensive metal with a stable value unlike cash.  Cash fluctuates according to economic factors.

Jewellery as an accessory has been around since the onset of civilization.  Though today it is seen as a significant investment.  It is still distinguished as an artistic self-expression.


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