Pet Shops Malta
In recent years, more individuals and families in Malta are choosing to have pets form part of their families. This trend has obviously led to more demand in the sale of pets and pet supplies. The increase in demand has led to the opening of more pet shops in Malta.

What is a pet shop in Malta?

The answer will vary depending on the pet shop. Pet shops in Malta may sell a wide variety of products and services. They may also specialize on providing specific products and services for pets. In the next section of this article we will take you through the different types of pet shops.

Types of Pet Shops in Malta

Pet Shops in Malta have become much more diverse over time. The different type of pet shops within the Maltese market, provides residents with a wide selection of pet services. Up to some years ago, pet shops were limited in the products and services they provided. As pets began to play a much bigger part in the Maltese community pet shops made sure to serve that need. The different types of pet shops in Malta vary in what they sell. Commonly one finds pet shops that sell pets, pet supplies and pet food. Nowadays one also finds pet shops that sell pet clothing and provide pet grooming services.

Why are there more pet shops in Malta?

As mentioned above, the number of pet shops in Malta has increased as a result of an increased demand. In recent years education and awareness has led many to consider pets as part of their family. This resulted not only in more families having a pet but also treating pets as part of the family. This means that the money spent on pets has increased.

How many pet shops in Malta?

It is difficult to provide an exact number of how many pet shops are in Malta. That said, there are definitely over 100 pet shops spread all over the Maltese islands. That number includes only those pet shops that have a physical presence. In addition to them, there are also online pet shops that service Maltese residents.

How to Choose a Pet Shop

The high number in pet shops may lead to uncertainty. That said, there are some ways on how you may narrow your search and choose the best pet shop for you.
The first factor, which is also obvious, is proximity. Identify pet shops that are close to were you live or located strategically for you. An example would be finding a pet shop that is close to your work place.
A second factor is knowing how long a pet shop has been in operation. The longer a pet shop has been open, the greater the chance that it is a reputable shop. For a pet shop to stay open for many years it requires a loyal customer base. Without repeat customers it is difficult for a pet shop to remain sustainable.
A third important factor is that of searching online about the pet shop. You may do so by visiting popular Maltese Facebook groups such as ‘Are You Being Served Malta‘. Then search for reviews about specific pet shops within the group.

Charity Pet Shops

For those that want to help a good cause while spending for their pets, they may do so by making use for charity pet shops. There are a handful of charity pet shops in Malta. Such pet shops sell products that re donated to them. At charity pet shops you may found both new products and second hand products.


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