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Locals and expats a like order all sorts of goods over the internet.  Demand for online supermarkets in Malta has been experiencing a steady growth.  Malta’s leading supermarkets have invested and established online stores.  Yet, during the Covid-19 pandemic demand surged overnight.  The largest supermarkets on the islands struggled to cope.  Medium sized grocery stores also set up online shops to cater for the increase in demand.  Today, you can order all your daily needs from the comfort of your home.  Delivery takes place within one to two days.

Leading supermarkets have also made their online shops mobile-app friendly.  Making it easier for people to order online from anywhere.  All you need is an internet connection. Some of Malta’s major online supermarkets are Greens, Welbee’s, Interspar, Pavi, Pama and Smart.

Many people are finding hard to go to supermarkets.  Due to their busy schedules, they do not have time for it.  If you find it hard to slot an hour or two.  Or you see it as a time-consuming chore than online shopping is the way forward for you.

Why is it necessary to invest in Online Stores?

Today, everyone seems to be short of time and in a rush.  Being able to buy things online, while shops are closed helps people manage daily aspects of their lives.  This is also seen as a time saver.  In this aspect the internet has made life easier.  With the introduction of smartphones and apps purchasing is a click away.

Most people do not enjoy spending time in supermarkets purchasing daily needs.  This chore is time consuming.  In general, it is seen as a waste of time.  Besides, it is one of the activities that causes arguments.  Both between couples and families.  Unless you go shopping on your own!

With busy and hectic daily schedules people started performing their shopping online.  Businesses had evolve to keep up with changing customer trends and needs.  Supermarkets were no exception and had to follow suit.  People began ordering their daily needs online.  Performing such task in the evening during their free time.  Or over their smartphones between activities.

People in supermarkets started declining.  So to maintain their customers they established online stores.  They set up websites which made it easier for customers to return to their online store.  Every customer establishes a user account.  The online supermarket links cart contents to a particular user account.  Users can log out and continue shopping at a later stage without loosing the contents of their cart.  Customers can choose their preferred delivery time.  They can pick from a list of available slots on different days.

A great time saver option offered by online supermarkets is the re-ordering function.  People tend to re-order the majority of the same grocery items from one order to another as they run out.  This function makes life easier for the user!  Further supermarket offers are available both to walk-ins and to their online customers.

Supermarkets with online stores should invest in digital marketing.  To drive online traffic to their websites.  People’s internet usage has soared in recent years.  The increased use of smartphones made it easier for people to access the internet.  As a result, they buy online.  Purchases do take place after a digital sales prompt.  Which includes viewing online ads, following a post on social media.  Or receiving a promotional email.  Recent years saw an increase in local e-commerce websites.  These try to attract consumers to their online stores.

Advantages of having an Online Supermarket

People detest driving in busy roads and getting stuck in traffic.  Coupled with parking stress when arriving at the destination.  To cater for this supermarkets need to have large car parks to accommodate customers.  If a customer finds that the car park is full upon arrival he will move on the somewhere else.  Also, customers face a parking headache upon their return with heavy shopping bags.  Most do not find parking right in front of their homes to unload all the shopping bags.  Besides many expats do not drive a car.  This makes it difficult for them to move around the island with heavy grocery shopping bags.  As a result they tend to buy heavy daily needs from groceries stores located next to their home.

Online supermarkets give the option to stock up on daily needs and buy the heavy items.  As all items are delivered right to your doorstep.  Customers need not worry on how to carry all the heavy shopping home.  This is likely to result in higher customer spend as they stock up on necessities.  So supermarkets with online shops can increase their customer numbers.

Customers purchasing from the comfort of their home save on fuel costs.  Online supermarket shops have a large variety of different brands.  All at different prices for the required product a click away.  You can view product pictures and descriptions online.  Before adding the item to your shopping cart.  Supermarkets can also increase customer loyalty in that they keep returning to their online store.  Once supermarkets give the option to their customers to save their shopping list.  So next time you can click and re-order the required products.  Remove the ones you do not need and new ones.

Online supermarkets are open for 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Unlike the local supermarket which closes around 7 pm or 8 pm.  Online supermarkets still generate business even after closing their doors.  Customers can carry out their shopping when they have free time on their hands.  Such as while waiting for their kids during a sports training activity.  Or while commuting on the bus to or from your workplace.

By ordering from the privacy for your home you can buy the required products through a few clicks.  This avoids arguments over what to buy or not.  Or having to take the kids along.  You get to avoid spending endless hours in a supermarket.  Going through shelves to get all your necessities.

Time is of essence for everyone.  Queues are a waste of time regardless if you are in a rush or not.  Online supermarkets help you avoid the frustration of queuing.  First at the cheese counter, then at the butcher, next for payment.  Queues also increase supermarket staff costs.  The more people in store the more employees are necessary to serve their customers.

Customers have different purchasing trends.  Some are in a hurry, want to grab items quickly from the shelf and rush out.  Others take it at leisure.  Going through all the products on display before picking the required product.  At times the supermarket may get crowded.  With the result that some people can get frustrated.  Because they cannot get the items from the shelf as someone is standing right in front.  Online supermarkets make window shopping easier.  You can browse through the various product categories.  View product pictures and descriptions.  While browsing you may come across items which are not on your shopping list but may be of interest.  Shopping over the internet is likely to increase the customer spend.  Since there is no need to rush in purchasing products.

Online supermarkets are a time saver when it comes shopping.  You do not need to write shopping lists and go around the aisles to pick the necessary items.  You have the ability to re-purchase the same product through your saved shopping list.  At check-out customers are given the option to replace any out of stock products.  You can opt out of this option and out of stock items are not replaced.

Supermarkets can advertise promotions and discounts on their website.  Through online banners and adverts located on the web page.  This way customers can get to know about promotions and discounts on offer.  If you buy daily needs online you will still get the same offers given to walk-ins in store.

Though purchasing through their website many supermarkets let you enjoy their promotions.  Such as receiving cashback, free bonus points, free bottles of soft drinks or free bottles of water.

Online Supermarkets Delivery Information

Key to purchasing daily needs through the internet is delivery.  Online supermarkets strive to provide their customers with a fast and convenient delivery service.  Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority.  Delivery is focused on customer convenience to provide an excellent service.

Supermarkets have invested in a fleet of delivery vans.  Some of the vehicles are temperature controlled.  To ensure the product is delivered chilled or frozen to ensure the service is of the highest quality.  Drivers are customer-oriented and delivery is right at the customer’s doorstep.

A couple of supermarkets effect delivery according to zones.  While others aim to deliver orders within 1 to 2 working days.  All supermarkets provide helpful information about their delivery options.  Hence, read this information before placing an order.  Supermarkets located in Malta only deliver in Malta’s geographical region.  The same applies to Gozitan supermarkets.

Deliveries take place from Monday to Saturday.  Several supermarkets offer the option of same day delivery.  That is if orders are done by noon from Mondays to Saturdays.  Subject to the delivery time slots being available.  Orders received on Sundays and public holidays are processed the following day.  Supermarkets effect deliveries during specific time slots.  At check-out you need to select your preferred delivery time from the slots available.  Several supermarkets provide deliveries in the evening.  From 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm to accommodate their customers.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the details held are correct before effecting payment.  Particular attention is to be given to the delivery address.  Deliveries take place at residences, offices or yacht marinas.

All supermarkets provide deliveries free of charge.  If the order placed exceeds a specific amount.  If you spend below the stipulated amount than you are charged a minimal delivery fee.  Besides there is a minimal fee if the delivery is not to ground floor level and there is no lift.  In the case of a no show from the customer’s end during the chosen time slot at the selected delivery address.  The client will be charged an extra fee for the second attempt of delivery.

Online Supermarkets Pick Up Information

Some local supermarkets provide a click and collect service to their customers.  You can order over the internet and then pick up your shopping on the way home.  Some customers may prefer this option instead of waiting for the delivery at their home.  Especially, if the shopping bags are not to have to carry.

Supermarkets provide information to their customers on the operation of this service.  In general, it is free for orders above a stipulated amount.  Orders below the specified amount are charged a minimal fee.  You can collect the order on the same day.  If it placed by noon from Mondays to Saturdays.  Unless otherwise directed.  Orders placed on Sunday or public holidays are processed the next day.  Some supermarkets offer the option to indicate the preferred pick up time.

Online Supermarkets Conditions of Service

Persons who place an order though an online’s supermarket website must be 18 years and over.  Before you start adding items to your cart you need to register.  When you open an account it needs to have a valid credit or debit card linked to it.

Euro is Malta’s official currency so all listed prices on the website are in Euro and inclusive of Vat.

Fresh food prices such as fruit, vegetables, meat etc will vary according to weight.  You will be charged according to the actual weight which is close to the ordered weight.  Consider that the ordered weight will not be exact as the actual weight.  Though these would be close.

Once the customer clicks on the pay now button and settles the bill a confirmation is sent to the email address.  The transaction is deemed complete.  Several payment gateways send a notification that the payment has been processed.

At times orders can be cancelled if notice is given 24 hours before delivery.  Some supermarkets accept product returns.  Given that they are in a saleable condition.  In the case of a damaged product this is either replaced or refunded.  For returns to be accepted receipts of purchase must be provided.

Food Couriers delivering Grocery Items

Bolt and Wolt, Malta’s food delivery couriers deliver grocery store items to your home.  Here’s everything you need to know.  As a first step, you need to download the app to your smartphone. For the list of grocery stores on the app select the one you need.  Then select the products you need and confirm the delivery address.  Check the total cost of your order and the estimated delivery time.  Once you confirm the order and pay the bill wait for the courier.  Delivery will take place in the next couple of minutes.

Recommendations before buying from Online Supermarkets

Even though you buy online you can still shop around to find the best prices.  Prices do vary from one supermarket to another though you select the same brand.  Find the best value for your items.  Try a couple of test baskets with various supermarkets.  Then effect the actual order.

It could be more convenient to get daily needs only from the supermarket.  Then the fresh food such as meat from the meat shop.  The fruit and vegetables from the grocery store and so on.  But do check out the delivery costs when combining all orders.  As separate order may cost you more to order.

The majority of online supermarkets boast a large selection of products.  Both local and foreign brands.  Several online supermarkets have a range of British and Italian brands.

Even though a large amount of customers buy their daily necessities online.  It is important for supermarkets to maintain customer loyalty.  It is key to supermarkets to strive to improve their experience as this drives revenue.


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