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Malta provides prime shopping spots.  It is popular for its thriving retail scene.  From bustling markets in historic streets to modern shopping malls.  Malta offers a unique blend of global brands and small local stores.  

In this article, we will take a closer look at the prominent shopping centres in Malta.  Exploring their offerings, ambiance and significance in the Maltese retail landscape.  

In general, shops open from Monday to Saturday.  From around 9am till 7pm.  Retail outlets in shopping malls are open from Monday to Sunday.  Opening hours differ from one shopping mall to another.  The majority of retail shops in the Maltese islands accept cash and credit cards. 

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Unveiling the Shopping Charms of Malta’s Capital City, Valletta

The capital city of Malta, Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is not only a historical marvel but also a shopping haven.  The presence of luxury brands elevates Valletta’s shopping experience.  Providing an opportunity for those seeking high-end fashion and accessories.

Republic Street and Merchant Street are popular for their diverse range of shops.  Showcasing both an international mix of high street brands and local independent retailers.

Visitors can explore the pedestrian streets.  Discovering hidden gems in the form of boutique stores and charming cafes.  Shops in narrow side streets showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of local designers.  Offering Maltese artisan products, crafts and souvenirs.  Complementing the city’s historic charm. 

The city’s Baroque architecture enhances the shopping experience.  Along with the panoramic views of the Grand Harbour.

A short walk from Valletta’s centre lies the Valletta Waterfront.  Valletta Waterfront is a distinctive shopping destination.  Home to a variety of shops and eateries.  Offering a great shopping experience against the backdrop of the iconic Grand Harbour.

Sliema Ferris

Sliema and St. Julian’s the Hub of Shopping Centres in Malta

If you are seeking a vibrant and modern shopping experience.  The bustling towns of Sliema and St. Julian’s are the places to go.  These major towns provide some of the best shopping experiences on the island.  Sliema is situated along a picturesque waterfront.  It offers a mix of boutique-lined streets and modern shopping malls.  St Julian’s is home to two big shopping malls.  These cater to diverse tastes and preferences.  

The Sliema promenade is dotted with retail stores and eateries.  Creating a delightful atmosphere for relaxed shopping strolls.  Tower Road and Bisazza Street are particularly popular for their diverse retail offerings.  

Situated along Bisazza street is The Plaza Shopping Centre.  A hub for fashion and accessories.  With its central location and a variety of shops.  The Plaza is a convenient stop for those exploring the lively streets of Sliema.  The Plaza’s popularity is fueled by its food court.  A unique experience in Sliema where shoppers can savour tastes from all around the world.  

The Point Shopping Mall, located at Tigne is a premier retail destination.  Shops include top international brands and independent stores.  You will find everything you need.  From clothes to accessories, beauty products, electronics and home decor outlets.  The Point has a variety of dining options.  With ample parking facilities and easy accessibility.  It remains a favourite among locals and holiday makers.  Seeking a sophisticated shopping spree.

Situated in the heart of St. Julian’s close to St George’s Bay.   Bay Street Shopping Complex is a multifaceted retail and entertainment hub.  Including a four star hotel.  This shopping centre is not only a paradise for a shopaholic.  But also offers a range of leisure activities.  Such as a laser tag venue and a variety of restaurants and cafes.  Next to the shopping centre is a cinema and bowling alley.  Making it a family entertainment destination.  The diverse mix of stores in Bay Street spans fashion, electronics, jewellery and more.

Mercury is the latest shopping centre to open in St. Julian’s.  Here one finds a retail mix to suit all tastes and budgets.  From luxurious designer brands to global high street labels.  Along with beauty products and accessories.  Mercury caters to a wide spectrum of consumer needs.  It provides a refreshing and enjoyable shopping experience.  The combination of shopping and entertainment makes it a dynamic and bustling centre.


Shopping Delights in Malta’s Shopping Centres

Malta’s towns house many shopping opportunities.  Each town presents a distinctive shopping experience.  Blending traditional markets and a diverse range of stores.  Let’s embark on a retail journey through some of Malta’s prominent towns.  Exploring the distinct shopping scenes they have to offer.

Paola – Unique Shopping Experience

Paola might not have the same bustling commercial activity as larger towns.  But it has its own charm.  It provides a glimpse into the local lifestyle.  Offering opportunities for a more authentic shopping experience.

One of the highlights of shopping in Paola is the local market.  It takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6.30am till 1pm.  At this small outdoor market one can explore various stalls.  Filled with fresh produce, clothing and everyday essentials.  The market often reflects the community’s lively atmosphere.  

Paola’s main street is a popular shopping destination.  Home to various shops catering to the daily needs of locals.  Here, you’ll find everything you need from grocery stores and bakeries. To clothing stores and small shops offering household goods.  Situated here is the Main Street Shopping Complex.  This shopping mall has several retail outlets and entertainment activities.

Part of the shopping experience involves taking a break at one of the local cafés or eateries.  These establishments not only offer a chance to rest.  But also provide insight into the local culinary scene.  Visitors can indulge in traditional Maltese snacks.  Or enjoy a cup of coffee while observing daily life.

Birkirkara – Traditional and Modern Fusion

From its vibrant market to contemporary shopping outlets. This town caters to a variety of preferences.

Birkirkara’s outdoor market takes place on Wednesday and Friday from 6.30am and 1pm.  Located in the town’s square, close to St. Helen’s Basilica.  This is a popular market where locals gather to buy fresh produce.  From fruit, vegetables and fresh fish.  Along with clothing and household items. 

Birkirkara also boasts modern shopping facilities.  Not far away from the town’s main square you will find local fashion outlets.  Shoe and accessory stores among others.  

Mosta – A Shopping Retreat with a Historic Backdrop

Mosta, known for its iconic Rotunda, provides a beautiful setting for a day of shopping.  The town’s main piazza is surrounded by charming shops and cafes.  Creating a delightful ambiance for shoppers.  Exploring Mosta’s traditional stores provides an intimate shopping experience.  Allowing shoppers to connect with the town’s cultural heritage.  Located on the outskirts of Mosta you will find the Pama Shopping Mall.  This features one of Malta’s largest supermarkets and several retail outlets.  

Mosta is also popular for its outdoor market.  Held on Monday’s from 6.30am till 1pm.  Vendors gather to showcase local produce, clothing, crafts and housewares.  This market adds a dynamic flair to Mosta’s shopping scene.  Creating a buzzing atmosphere.

Ħamrun – A Shopper’s Paradise in Every Corner

Ħamrun has its distinctive shopping charm.  This town invites visitors to explore a diverse retail landscape.  Characterised by traditional elegance, with family-owned shops lining its streets.  You will find everything you need.  From clothes, shoes and accessories to housewares, electronics and bookstores.  Along High Street you will find several cafes and Daniel’s Mall. 

Ħamrun’s square and High Street are a popular gathering place.  Making it an ideal spot to explore its shops, grab a coffee or a snack.

Buġibba – A Coastal Haven with a Shopping Flair

Buġibba’s main square is a bustling hub that comes alive with a vibrant mix of shops, cafes and entertainment.  Surrounded by palm trees and facing the Mediterranean Sea.  Buġibba Square provides an inviting atmosphere for shoppers. 

Buġibba’s seaside promenade is lined with shops catering to beachgoers.  From swimwear boutiques to stores offering sunglasses and beach accessories.  The promenade ensures that visitors are well-equipped for a day in the sun.  You will find a couple of souvenir shops.  Selling a variety of Maltese memorabilia and handmade crafts.  The laid-back atmosphere of Buġibba complements the shopping experience.  Making it a relaxed and enjoyable affair.

Mellieħa – Retail Treasures in a Tranquil Setting

The coastal town of Mellieħa is famous for its stunning beaches.  Yet, it also offers a delightful shopping experience within its village core.  The winding streets are adorned with boutiques.  Showcasing Maltese fashion, sportswear, footwear and handmade jewellery.  The village exudes a tranquil ambiance.  Providing shoppers with a serene backdrop for their retail exploration.

Mellieħa is renowned for its traditional confectioneries and bakeries. Offering a delectable array of Maltese sweets and pastries.  Visitors can explore these establishments to indulge in local delights.  Such as baked Maltese bread, pastizzi, kannoli and honey rings to mention a few.  The aroma of baked goods fills the air.  Inviting passersby to experience the culinary treasures.

Mdina – Timeless Elegance in the Silent City

Known as the “Silent City,” Mdina exudes a timeless elegance that extends to its shopping scene.  The ancient streets are lined with quaint boutiques.  Offering handmade crafts, ceramics and traditional Maltese goods.

Visitors can explore Mdina Glass, a famous Maltese glassware brand.  Where skilled artisans create intricate pieces.  The town’s unique atmosphere adds a touch of exclusivity to the shopping experience.  Making it a destination for those seeking one-of-a-kind items.

Rabat – Crafts and History Intertwined

Situated next to Mdina, is a town where crafts and history intertwine.  Visitors can explore Rabat’s historic streets and stumble upon local shops.  Selling handmade lace and other traditional souvenirs.  Making it a destination for those interested in purchasing Maltese keepsakes.  The town is popular for its restaurants and cafes.

The combination of Rabat’s historical sites and artisanal shops. Creates a distinctive shopping experience.  That reflects the town’s cultural heritage.

Ta’ Qali Crafts Village

The Malta Crafts Village, located in Ta’ Qali. Is another destination for those seeking traditional Maltese crafts and artisan products.  Located in the heart of Malta, this village showcases the skills of local craftsmen.  From handmade lace, ceramics, pottery, glassware and intricate filigree jewellery.  The Crafts Village is a showcase of Maltese craftsmanship.  It’s a treasure trove for those looking to take home a piece of Malta’s cultural heritage.

Marsaxlokk – A Fisherman’s Market and Beyond

Exploring traditional markets is one of the authentic ways to experience the Maltese shopping culture.  One of the most popular markets is the Marsaxlokk Fish Market.  Held every Sunday morning in the lovely fishing village of Marsaxlokk.  Is a vibrant spectacle where everyone can look through stalls.  Filled with fresh seafood, local produce and handmade crafts.  Visitors can experience the vibrant market atmosphere and buy fresh seafood.  The market provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the local lifestyle.

Beyond the fish market, you will find shops selling handmade crafts.  Along with souvenirs and traditional Maltese products.  Discover authentic Maltese products like locally produced olive oil, honey, and preserves.  It allows holiday makers to take a piece of Maltese culinary heritage home.  The village’s waterfront location adds a scenic backdrop to the shopping experience.  Creating a special blend of tradition and maritime charm.

Gozo’s Unique Shopping Experience

Gozo, Malta’s sister island, offers a distinctive shopping experience.  That reflects its more relaxed and rural atmosphere.  Compared to its mainland counterpart.  In the capital city of Victoria, visitors can explore The Duke Shopping Mall.  The largest shopping centre in Gozo.  This shopping mall features plenty of shops.  Featuring global leading brands and independent shops.  Providing an array of options for a satisfying shopping spree.

Arkadia Commercial Centre is also located in Victoria.  This shopping centre provides a modern retail setting.  Arkadia offers a comprehensive selection of shops.  Including fashion outlets, home décor stores and electronics shops.   While the surrounding streets in Victoria feature a mix of local stores.  From fashion boutiques, crafts shops and a market.  Visitors can explore the Citadel area for a taste of Gozo’s traditional products.

Apart from shopping malls, Gozo is dotted with quaint villages.  Where visitors can discover local crafts and unique handmade items.  The charming streets of Xagħra and Għarb, for example, are known for their artisan products.  Making them ideal spots for those seeking authentic crafted souvenirs.

Malta’s shopping centres offer more than retail therapy.  They provide a glimpse into the vibrant culture of the archipelago.  Whether you find yourself strolling through the bustling streets of Valletta.  Enjoying the sea breeze at Sliema’s waterfront malls.  Or exploring the historic charms of Malta’s towns.  Each shopping centre has its own unique identity.  It contributes to the allure of this Mediterranean gem.  From the lively markets that bring communities together to the boutique-lined streets.  From high-end international brands to local products.  Malta’s shopping centres promise a delightful and enriching shopping experience for everyone.


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