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Want to change your look? Want to stand out from the crowd? Start with your hair!  Get a new hairstyle!  You may be surprised how a new hairdo can change your appearance.   Keep your hair in a fabulous condition.  Regular salon appointments are a requisite in achieving and keeping your look.  You can get a cut, colour, extensions and much more.  Get a unique upstyle for a special occasion.  You will definitely stand out of the crowd! 

People invest time and spend a great deal of money to boost their appearance.  Having a well-groomed appearance is not for beauty purposes and personal hygiene.  But  a must to maintain a beautiful image.  In Malta, you will find a hair salon around every corner.  Yet, finding the right salon is crucial to achieve the desired look.  Visit a hair salon which provides a high quality service at a reasonable price to keep healthy hair. 

The Best Hair Salons in Malta

In Malta you will find a pool of professional talented hairdressers and barbers.  Each has an excellent reputation and provides superb service.  Some hairdressers have built a name for themselves.  Through collaboration in fashion shows, photoshoots, local celebrity endorsements and high profile events.

Never underestimate the significance of a great hairstyle.  If something goes south you may not be able to restyle your hair for a couple of months.  This is something that you want to avoid at all costs.  Give the necessary importance in selecting a hair salon and a hair stylist.  This decision involves a great deal of trust.

For most individuals a trip to a hair salon is major event.  These people have certain expectations and an image in mind of how their hair should look.  Explain your expectations to the hair stylist.  This could lead you to find the best hairdresser that meets your requirements.  You will be one happy client!

For a couple of other persons a trip to the hair salon is to be the shortest possible.  As soon as they enter they want to sit on the chair.  Have their hair washed, cut and rush out.   It’s critical for the hair salon to identify its client’s expectations and meet their needs.

Clients are like snowflakes.  They differ from each other.  Both in hair types and taste.  The best hair stylists are those that understand their clients’ needs and hair.  Different types of hair need different treatment.  The hair stylist needs to differentiate between long and short hair.  Between straight and curly hair. 

The stylist is to give an opinion when a client suggests an experimental cut.  Or wants a drastic change in hair colour.  The stylist can suggest a client to be bold.  But it’s always important to understand what suits your client.  A great hair stylist is one who pays attention to detail.  While managing to adapt to different styles. 

The hair salon is to stock the best quality products available on the market.   The stylist must ensure that the products used do not damage the hair.  When it comes to colour clients have a picture in mind of the shade they want their hair to look like.  Ensure that your colour stock meets the client’s requirements.  To avoid disappointment, explain why the ultimate shade may differ from the picture. 

The best hair salons are those whose hair stylists understand their client’s needs.  Those which meet their client’s expectations will earn a faithful clientele.  

Hair Cut

Hairdressing Services in Malta

All hair salons in Malta provide the basic hair services.  These include cut, colour, blowdry, extensions and upstyles.  For all types of hair, be it short or long, straight or curly.  Several salons offer braids and hair treatment services.  Such as keratin, straightening and perm.  A couple of salons offer outstanding wedding and special occasion hairstyles. 

Every hair salon offers men’s and boy’s cuts and styling services.  Yet, over the past couple of years Malta has seen a resurgence in barbers.  Many barbers have set up shop around the island.  These specialise in male grooming services.  They do not only offer haircuts and styling services.  But provide beard trimming services, eyebrow waxing and styling among other services.

Most hair salons have websites and social media pages advertising their services.  You can get to know the details on prices and products through their pages.  Salons also upload photos of their work for you to appreciate their services.  Ask around for recommendations on a hair salon.  Bear in mind that what works best for your friends and family might not work out for you!

Hair salons in Malta have their own retail clients.  Stock up on client’s products such as shampoo, styling gel amongst others.

Today, most hair salons provide trendy and supercool hairstyles.  Apart from the customary and classical hair styles.  Several clients request a complete restyle which hairdressers are happy to offer.  Most hair salons extend their services to a relaxing hair massage during hair wash.  A recent trend around the island is that of salons supplying a range of boutique services.  These include hair services, facials, waxing, massage, manicure and pedicure.

Hair Salon Appointments in Malta

It is recommended to book an appointment with a hair salon.  Most salons in Malta do not accept walk-ins. Salons which have many hair stylists provide the option of booking your preferred stylist

Most hair salons provide the option to book online.  Through booking forms found on the salon’s website or Facebook page.  Yet, some hairdressers still do not provide online booking options.  In such a case you can still book the conventional way.  You need to place a call to the hair salon.  If you do not have the salon’s number you can search for it online. 

In Malta, it is custom for regular clients to make their next appointment at the end of their treatment.

Hair Salons in Malta are open from Tuesday to Saturday from around 9am till 6pm.  They close on Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays.  Salons make exceptions for special occasions.   Such as weddings and holy communion.  Advice your hairdresser beforehand to accommodate you.

After your appointment you can leave a review and share your opinion on your hair salon’s Facebook page.  You can share photos of your new hairdo on social media.

Hair Styling

Why should you go to a Hair Salon?

People who enter a hair salon have different intentions in mind.  It is the hairdresser’s job to cater for these different needs.  To manage and interact with each client.  A great hairdresser should not only have outstanding skills.  But must have excellent conversational skills.  People like to chat while waiting for their turn. 

Most people consider a visit to the hair salon as a pampering session.  An opportunity to relax and socialize.  They love the feeling of a fresh haircut!

A trip to the hair salon offers long-term care for your hair.  It helps you keep your hair in excellent condition.  Even if you pop in a few times a year.  You enjoy professional hair services.  A professional hairstylist refreshes your hair and makes you feel incredible.  With a confident hairstyle.  Remember your hairstyle reflects your personality!

All hair treatments at the salon entail a wash and dry.  Book an appointment to escape from the hectic everyday routine.  Incorporate self-care in your time.  This means you will have time for yourself.  These clients want their ‘me’ time.  The hair salon is their peaceful haven.  Make their experience a pleasant one! 

All hair salons in Malta have a regular and loyal client base.  Those which show up every week.  Others which show up every 4 weeks to 6 weeks.   For their regular colour, cut or blow dry.  These clients ensure their hair remains flawless and beautiful.  They enjoy their time at the hair salon.  The hairdresser and client know each other well through regular chats.  They talk about their stylist to their family and friends.  

A professional hairstylist uses unique methods to keep your hair well-groomed.  Cared for using the right products.  Regular treatment and cuts promote hair growth.  The end result will be having healthy hair!

Choose a hair salon which makes you feel confident.  You will look forward to your next visit!

Future of Hair Salons in Malta

Motivate your clients to post pictures and leave reviews on social media.  In exchange, offer them a discount coupon.  Encourage your clients to refer your salon to family and friends.  Give them rewards for such.  Referrals transform your business!

Reward your long-term regular and loyal clients.  Offer them complimentary services.  Set up a loyalty rewards program or card scheme.  Everyone loves a discount!  Give them gifts at Christmas and on their birthdays.   These small things make the client feel special.

A good hairstylist keeps up to date with changing styles and methods.  To maintain a high service standard.  Showcase your new services and offer rewards for trying new services and hairstyles. 

During quiet times of the year offer special discounts and promote package deals. 

You need to visit a hair salon for a fabulous hairstyle.  Though the services offered may seem expensive, they are worth it!


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