Golden Bay Beach

Exploring Golden Bay Beach in Malta

No visit to Malta is complete without taking a dip!  Golden Bay Beach is a lovely sandy beach located in the north west of the island of Malta.  Close to the villages of Manikata and Mġarr.  It is famous for its golden sands and clear blue waters.  This beautiful beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs and hills.  Making the scenery beautiful and peaceful.  This is one of the most popular beaches in Malta and Gozo.  It’s a famous destination for both locals and tourists.

Perched on top of the bay, at the right hand side is a large hotel.  This is the Radisson Blu Resort and Spa, Malta Golden Sands.  On the left hand side, there is a watch tower.  Constructed during the time the Maltese islands were occupied by the Knights of the Order of St. John.  

Golden Bay Beach is a wonderful place to spend a day relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Visiting Golden Bay Beach, Mellieħa

Golden Bay is one of Malta’s largest beaches.  It is a blue flag beach.  Meaning it has attained a high level of accreditation.  In beach cleanliness, amenities and health and safety measures.  The beach is easy to access.  It is accessible to wheelchair users.  There is a ramp at the end of the car park which leads to the bay.  

People love to visit Golden Bay Beach for its crystal-clear waters.  You can take a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean sea.  Enjoy swimming in the calm azure waters.  The water is clean and safe for swimming.  The sea is shallow at first.  It increases in depth as you walk further out.  This beach is perfect for families with young children.  Though it’s a soft sandy beach, it’s best if you wear water shoes.  As you will find pebbles close to the water’s edge.  Sea temperatures during the summer months reach 30oC.  Since the water is warm swimmers can chat with family and friends while swimming.  

Lifeguards engaged by the Malta Tourism Authority watch over the bay.  During the Summer months, between the 15th June and 15th September.  Lifeguards on duty use a flag system to show the sea conditions.  Used to help swimmers decide whether to swim or not.  The green flag shows that it is safe to swim.  The purple flag is a signal to watch out for jellyfish.  A yellow flag indicates slight danger and it’s best to exercise caution.  The red flag signals strong currents. Avoid swimming as it is not safe.  At times this bay has strong undercurrents.  So watch out when the sea is rough.  A double red flag indicates extreme danger.  No swimming is to take place.  

Other facilities include public restrooms.  Situated in the car park next to the beach.    

If you prefer to relax on the shore, Golden Bay Beach offers plenty of space for sunbathing.  You can spread out your towel and bask in the warm sun.  To work on your golden tan!  Or rent a sunbed together with an umbrella and listen to the soothing sound of the waves.  This offers comfort and shade from the sun.  Making it pleasant for visitors to relax.  

This family-friendly beach has soft, golden sands that are perfect for building sandcastles.  It’s a fun activity for kids and adults alike.  Allowing you to unleash your creativity and construct your own sandy masterpiece.  

Golden bay has kiosks, cafes and restaurants near and on the beach.  The hotel has several restaurants and cafeterias to suit everyone’s tastes. 

For a quick bite individuals can eat at the kiosk on the right.  This serves drinks and light snacks.  Such as baguettes, ftiras, savoury pastries and ice cream.  Munchies restaurant in the middle of the bay sells pizza, burgers and pasta dishes.  At the top of the bay, close to the parking lot, visitors can dine at Apple’s Eye.  This restaurant serves any type of dish.  From breakfast, burgers, pizza, pasta to fish and grills.  

As the day draws to a close, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the spectacular sunset.  The sky lights up with vibrant colours.  Creating an unforgettable magical atmosphere.  Sunsets at Golden Bay Beach are breathtaking.  Many people come here to watch the sun go down over the sea.  In the evening, dine on a delicious meal or sip a cocktail while enjoying the amazing view. 

The beach is a popular spot during the evenings.  Families and youngsters consider it a good place to hangout.  You can also enjoy a barbeque.  But it must be a gas-burning barbecue.  Use of charcoal is prohibited on this beach.  Get a permit from the Mellieha local council if the barbecue is for more than 15 people.       

Remember to apply sunscreen throughout the day.  Wear a hat and sunglasses for further protection.  Stay hydrated by drinking water.

One major downside is that this bay tends to get very busy during the Summer months.  Though it will be crowded, visitors still have plenty of space.  Yet, it’s best to arrive early in the morning or late afternoon for an enjoyable experience. 

Things to do at Golden Bay Beach, Malta

Golden Bay Beach in Malta is a fantastic place to visit.  Situated close to Għajn Tuffieħa bay.  Offering a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy.  Whether you’re a beach lover, an adventure seeker, or someone who enjoys soaking up the sun.  Golden Bay Beach has something for you.

Gather your friends or family for a game of beach volleyball.  Find a designated area where you can set up a net and enjoy a friendly match in the sunshine.

For thrill-seekers, Golden Bay offers a variety of water sports activities.  You can try your hand at jet skiing, windsurfing, or paddle boarding.  Whilst experiencing the excitement of gliding across the water.  Take a ride on the sausage or banana boats.  Rent paddle boats, canoes or kayaks and follow the rocky coastline around the bay.

Explore the underwater world of Golden Bay Beach by snorkelling.  The clear waters are home to an array of marine life.  You can discover colourful fish and vibrant coral reefs below the surface.

If you want to venture further out to sea, you can book a boat trip.  These trips allow you to explore the coastline.  Visit nearby caves and coves.  While admiring the stunning views from the water.  Boat trips take you around the northern part of the island up to Blue Lagoon in Comino.

Surrounding Golden Bay Beach are picturesque cliffs and hills.  Perfect for hiking enthusiasts.  You can take a stroll along the coastal paths.  Explore nature and soak in the breathtaking views.  Discovering hidden gems along the way.  

On pleasant days, when the sun is mild.  Pack a picnic basket filled with delicious snacks and enjoy a meal with a view at Golden Bay Beach.  Spread out a blanket on the sand and savour a lovely picnic by the sea.

How to get to Golden Bay, Malta

People can reach the beach by public transport or car.  For those coming by private car consider that parking can be a challenge.  Especially on weekends and public holidays.  Though there are two parking areas.  One next to the beach and another further uphill.  Both are taken up fast.  Parking is free.  Note that at times there is a parking attendant.  Though not mandatory, it is custom to leave a tip.    

Individuals making use of public transport from Valletta take bus number 44.  This bus leaves from Valletta to Golden Bay every 30 minutes.  The trip takes 1 hour.  Or else you can catch bus number 42 or 250 and stop at St. Paul’s Bay to change buses.  From here take bus route 223 or 225.   

From Buġibba, Qawra and St. Paul’s bay take bus number 223 or 225.  This bus leaves every hour.

Individuals staying around Sliema, St. Julian’s and Swieqi.  Take the direct bus number 225 to Golden Bay.  The journey is about an hour long.  The bus leaves every hour.    

For individuals coming from Gozo, Ċirkewwa or Mellieħa area take bus number 101.  Note that this route only operates early in the morning and in the evening.

On all routes individuals are to go down at the last stop being Għajn Tuffieħa Bus Terminus.  All buses operate from early morning till late at night.

Another option for tourists could be to take the Hop-On Hop-Off north route bus.

Staying at the Radisson Blu Resort and Spa, Malta Golden Sands 

Visitors opting to stay at the hotel can choose from country or sea view luxury apartments.  They can enjoy a selection of entertainment options.  The hotel offers its guests a variety of dining options.  A great spa which employs amazing staff and an outdoor pool with a view.  As a plus, guests can enjoy a share of the private beach which offers a waiter service.  So guests can sit back, relax and enjoy their stay.  

The hotel’s restaurants and bars overlook the beach.  Guests can dine, take a coffee or sip a cocktail whilst taking in the amazing views.  

Other Activities to do at Golden Bay Beach, Malta

Located close to this beach is another beautiful sandy bay.  The picturesque beach of Għajn Tuffieħa.  Also called Riviera Martinique.  Note that to reach this bay you need to go down many steps.  But as a bonus this Ghajn Tuffieha Bay offers a quieter and serene setting. 

Overlooking the Golden Bay a short walk away people can see the Għajn Tuffieħa Tower.  This is one of the towers built by the Knights of Malta.  Visitors who prefer to go for a walk can visit il-Majjistral Nature and History Park.  Situated close by so visitors can walk along one of its trails.

Visitors can also go horseback riding.  Through the charming countryside close to Golden Bay.  Horseback riding is offered to people of all ages.  

In conclusion, Golden Bay Beach in Malta offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy.  Whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, or some fun in the sun.  Golden Bay Beach has something for everyone.  So pack your sunscreen, grab your towel and get ready for an unforgettable day by the sea!


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