Furniture Shops in Malta

Malta boasts a healthy number of furniture shops as demand has increased in recent years. Furniture shops in Malta sell a wide variety of furniture both for residential and commercial purposes. The quality of the furniture on sale also ranges greatly. Read on to learn more about buying furniture for your Malta based property.

Furniture shops in Malta

Whilst furniture shops in Malta have been operating for many years, in the last few decades the type of furniture they sell has been changing. Most furniture shops in Malta used to sell furniture that was manufactured locally. Nowadays most of the furniture that is sold locally is imported from various foreign countries. Some of the most popular furniture shops in Malta used to have a local factory where they used to manufacture their own furniture. Nowadays they simply import branded furniture from abroad. This trend within the industry is quite debatable. On one end it has resulted in lower employment for carpenters. On the other hand it has allowed local furniture shops to keep on providing furniture at reasonable prices.

Local made furniture vs imported furniture

Although most furniture shops are selling imported furniture, it is still possible to have local made furniture. Locally manufactured furniture is still available at specific furniture shops but it is mostly available by seeking a locally based self employed carpenter. Engaging a carpenter is also ideal if one is interested in custom made furniture. The buyer enjoys all the flexibility he needs by choosing the type of wood to use, design he fancies, color and made to measure dimensions. Price may vary so it is important for buyers to get quotes from various carpenters. Before engaging a carpenter it is always important to view pieces of furniture that were made by him. A potential challenge with many, if not most, carpenters is getting the work done on time. It is quite common for carpenters not to hit deadlines hence it is very important to plan ahead and place orders as early as possible.

The best places to buy furniture in Malta

Most furniture shops in Malta are reputable and offer good customer service. Listing the best places to buy furniture is very subjective. Buyers have different tastes and different priorities. It is important to list your tastes and priorities and start your research according to them. Nowadays research can easily be done by searching on the internet. One may easily use a Maltese search engine such as Fittex or specific Facebook groups that are made up by local consumers. Finding several complains about a furniture shop is always a red flag. On the other hand, multiple recommendations mean that the furniture shop has a positive reputation.

Modern vs Antique Furniture in Malta

In Malta, the two styles of furniture that are mostly used in people’s homes are antique furniture and modern furniture. Antique furniture is considered to be the old type of furniture and it is usually found in the homes of people that have a certain age. Modern furniture, on the other hand, is found in the home of younger people and in most rental properties.

The choice between modern and antique furniture in Malta depends on what you’re looking for, your budget, your lifestyle and your home décor aesthetic. It is also important for one to note that antique furniture is very often bought in auctions that take place around the island on a regular basis.

Commercial Furniture in Malta

Furniture shops in Malta cater both for residential and commercial properties. In recent years the number of furniture shops that cater for commercial properties has spiked as the demand for such furniture has also spiked. Such furniture shops in Malta stock on wide range of products such as office desks, cupboards, office chairs and much more.

Outdoor furniture in Malta

Furniture shops in Malta also stock heavily on outdoor furniture. Malta’s weather encourages people to make the most out of their outdoor spaces. Outdoor furniture is commonly used in backyards, terraces and rooftops. they also provide furniture for food establishments such as restaurants and coffee shops.

Getting furniture shipped to Malta

In the rare cases where one can’t find what he is looking for, one may order furniture from abroad and get it shipped to Malta. There are two ways to purchase furniture from abroad. One may either choose to make use of a local company that travels abroad to visit foreign furniture shops on a regular basis. The company would purchase the furniture on behalf of the buyer and then deliver it back to the buyer’s address. The company would charge a fee on top of the furniture price for the service it provides. The second option is that of actually browsing the websites of foreign based furniture shops that ship to Malta. When taking this route it is important to assure that the shop in question delivers to Malta and to also review their delivery fees.

Plenty of Options

To summarize, one may easily realize that there are plenty of options to buy furniture for your Maltese property. It is just a matter of deciding what you want and then from where to buy it. We hope that you found this post interesting. Feel free to participate by leaving a comment below.


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