Can you drink tap water in Malta?

In short, yes, it is safe to drink tap water in Malta. Can your drink tap water in Malta? is a commonly asked question that requires a more expansive answer. We invite you to keep on reading to learn more about tap water in Malta.

How is Maltese tap water made?

Malta enjoys no natural potable sources of water such as mountain springs, river or streams. That said, Malta does have two sources of water that after treatment may be drank safely. The first is groundwater, which requires treatment before one may drink it due to bacteria and germs the water may contain. The second source is sea water. With the Maltese islands being surrounded by sea, one could safely say that the supply of sea water is immense….

Malta is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea which is salty, hence not potable. To make the sea water potable, it is processed in reverse osmosis plants to desalinate the water and purify it from any germs or bacteria it might have. Tap water in Malta is produced using the latter method.

How does tap water taste in Malta?

First of all, tap water does not taste the same across the island. In some areas such as Sliema and it’s surroundings, tap water tastes quite good although still not as good as natural bottled water. Other parts of the island, such as the Northern region of the island, the water does taste less good although it is difficult to describe the difference in taste. That said, irrespective of the taste, tap water is safe to drink across all Malta and Gozo.

Maltese Bottled Water

Although Malta does not enjoy any natural potable sources of water, the island still has a number of local bottled water producers. The interesting fact is that bottled water is sourced from groundwater and surprisingly enough from tap water (also referred to as mains water). The companies would further treat the water to provide a better version.

Can you drink tap water in Malta? Yes, but…

Knowing that Maltese bottled water derives partly from tap water should further put everyone’s mind to rest. Having said that, for all those that are still sceptic about tap water in Malta there are ways to drink a better version. The first would be that of having a reverse osmosis home system connected to a water tap to purify tap water. The second is that of purchasing a water filter jug that would be filled with tap water which would then be purified.


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