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Barbers in Malta: A Glimpse into the Traditional Craft

In the small island nation of Malta, the barbershop holds a special place.  The island’s barbers provide a diverse range of services.  That goes beyond grooming.  Embodying a blend of traditional techniques and modern trends.  Barbers in Malta have skilled hands and a keen sense of aesthetics. 

This article sheds light on their craft.  Along with the array of services offered by barbers in Malta. Highlighting the unique experiences clients can expect when stepping into these popular establishments.

The Historical Roots of Barbering in Malta

To understand the role of barbers in Malta.  It’s vital to delve into the historical roots of the profession.  Barbering has a long and storied history, dating back centuries.  In mediaeval times, barbers were not only talented at cutting hair.  But also performed surgical procedures, tooth extractions and bloodletting.

As time progressed, the barber’s role evolved and their craft became more specialised.  In Malta, barbershops became integral community spaces.  Where locals gathered not only for grooming.  But also for socialising and exchanging news.

Recent years saw a resurgence in old school barbershops.  As men’s grooming gained popularity.  Men from all walks of life want to look sharp and stand out from the crowd. Today, men do not visit barbershops for a hair cut only.  Men prefer a holistic experience with excellent service.  As a result, barbers give a great deal of importance to client experience.  Their focus is not only on the end result.  

Nowadays, some barbers went a step further in accommodating their clients.  If it is not possible for a person to go to a barbershop.  You will find barbers who offer grooming services at the comfort of your home.  

Traditional Barbering Practices

In modern Malta, the profession has adapted to contemporary standards.  Though traditional barbering practices are still cherished.  Skilled barbers use a combination of classic techniques and modern tools.  To deliver precision haircuts and grooming services.  Local barbers offer their clients a well-groomed style with a modern touch.  Using high-quality grooming products to achieve high results.

Besides contemporary grooming services some barbershops in Malta offer traditional rituals.  Taking you back in time to the island’s cultural heritage.  This includes hot towel shaves and facial massages.  All these services are provided with meticulous attention to detail.  That transforms a routine haircut and beard trim into a pampering experience.

The barber’s shop ambiance is of utmost importance.  Local barbers have upgraded their barbershops to provide high-end luxury.  From lounge areas to contemporary magnificent decor.  The ambiance in Maltese barbershops reflects a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.  Creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.  So that clients can sit back and enjoy the grooming session.  Making a visit to a barbershop an experience in itself. 

Old School Barbershop

The Iconic Barbershop Culture in Malta

Most of Malta’s barbershops are family-owned.  These range from old-school shops to trendy, modern spaces.  You will note a barbershop from its iconic red, blue-and-white barber poles. Which hang outside each barbershop.  Many of these poles adorn Maltese streets.  These serve as a visual testament to the lasting presence of barbershops.

Local barbershops often serve as meeting points.  A place where people from all walks of life converge.  Whether it’s the elderly gentleman seeking a traditional shave.  Or the young professional getting a contemporary haircut.  The barbershop in Malta caters to a diverse clientele.

One of the distinctive features of Maltese barbershops is the emphasis on conversation.  Beyond providing haircuts and beard trims, barbers engage in friendly banter.  Sharing stories and even discussing current events.  This cultural exchange fosters a sense of community and belonging.  Making the barbershop more than a grooming destination.

The best barbers do not make men’s grooming an errand.  Whilst as a customer you are to allow enough time to enjoy your grooming experience.  A great barbershop lets customers chill and relax in a warm and serene atmosphere.  Ease yourself in comfortable seating.  The basic service given by a local professional barber starts with a drink.  Most barber shops in Malta offer free coffee, tea, beer or a shot of whiskey.  To help you relax and put you in the right mood.  Converse with your barber while you wait and enjoy quality time at the barbershop.  

Barbers in Malta: Opening Hours and Prices

A barber takes care of men’s hair, face, beard and moustache.  Local barbers practise their craft with attention to detail and expertise.  Offering a professional grooming experience.  When choosing your barber take note of experience and qualifications.  Ask your family and friends to guide you.  Have a look at the services provided on the barber’s website or Facebook page.  Read through reviews left by clients on social media.  Go through the photos of barbers at work.  Once you choose your barber all you have to do is make an appointment.

Consider that most upscale barbershops work by appointment.  You can book an appointment through the barber’s website or Facebook page.  Or by giving the barber a call.  Having said that, there are barbershops who accept walk-ins.  In general, walk-ins are served on a first-come first-served basis.    

Opening hours vary among barbershops.  In general, opening hours are from Tuesday to Saturday from 8.30 am or 9 am.  Barbershops close their doors at around 6.30 pm or 7 pm.  Most barbershops are closed on Sunday and Monday.  Yet, some do open on Mondays at around 9 am.  

In general, a men’s cut and wash costs around €14.  A kids cut comes at a fee of €10.  Beard clean and trim amounts to €10.  A full shave amounts to around €15.  A haircut and wash together with a beard clean and trim costs €22.  Hair colour is priced at €20.  This is an approximate price list of some services provided by barbershops.  These prices are indicative and vary across barbershops.  Bear in mind that high-end barbershops tend to have higher prices. 

Popular barbershops offer a variety of packages which include various services.  These packages are reasonably priced. 

Beard Shave

The Diverse Palette of Barber Services in Malta: Beyond Haircuts

Precision Haircuts

At the core of any barber’s repertoire is the timeless art of precision haircuts.  In Malta, barbers take pride in their ability to craft hairstyles.  That range from classic to contemporary.  Whether it’s a traditional buzz cut or a modern fade.  Skilled barbers use a combination of tools to achieve the desired look.  Such as scissors, shears, clippers, and razors.  The attention to detail during a hair cut or beard trim is a hallmark of Maltese barbers.  Ensuring that each patron leaves with a tailored and polished style.

Years of experience make Maltese barbers professionals in handling all types of hair.  Providing exceptional cuts customised to each customer’s style.  

Traditional Wet Shaves

For those seeking a grooming experience.  Barbers in Malta excel in providing traditional wet shaves.  This meticulous process involves the application of hot towels.  Followed by a precise razor shave using high-quality shaving creams.  The result is a smooth and rejuvenated skin texture.  Reminiscent of the classic barbershop experience. 

Beard Grooming and Styling

Beards of varying lengths have become a popular trend.  This comeback led to an increased demand for beard grooming and styling services.  Maltese barbers started offering specialised beard services.  From beard trims and shaping to full beard designs.  Barbers in Malta have mastered the art of sculpting facial hair.  The attention to detail extends beyond the facial hair itself.  With barbers providing advice on beard care, grooming products and maintenance routines.

Facial Treatments and Massages

Barbershops in Malta often extend their services to include facial treatments and massages.  These services include facial cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising treatments.  Providing patrons with a holistic grooming experience.  Some barbers incorporate relaxing facial massages.  Contributing to a sense of rejuvenation and well-being.  Other services offered by some barbers are eyebrow waxing and tinting. 

This combination of grooming and self-care reflects the evolving nature of barber services in Malta.

Hair Colouring and Styling

As fashion and style preferences evolve.  So do the services offered by Maltese barbers.  Many establishments now provide hair colouring.  Whether it’s a subtle touch-up or a bold colour transformation.  Local barbers offer guidance on hair styles along with styling services.  Such as hair straightening.  To meet the diverse client needs.  Barbers in Malta leverage their creativity and technical expertise.  To deliver personalised colouring and styling solutions.

Specialised Hair Treatments

Malta’s barbershops also recognize the importance of hair health.  Local barbershops started offering specialised hair treatments . To address issues such as dryness, dandruff or damaged hair.  These treatments include nourishing masks, deep conditioning and scalp massages.  Showcasing a commitment to hair care beyond aesthetics.

Barbers are always ready to offer advice on the products to use for daily upkeep of the hair and beard.  To take care of your hair and beard at home.  So you look your best and well-groomed.  Barbershops stock on a range of hair and beard premium products.   The likes of hair wax, styling sprays, gels and shampoos.  To beard oil, balms and moisturisers.  

Event and Wedding Grooming Packages

In a culture that values celebrations and social gatherings.  Barbers in Malta often provide event and wedding grooming packages.  These packages go beyond a standard haircut.  Incorporating extra services such as styling, grooming and personalised consultations.  To ensure individuals look their best for special occasions.  The attention to detail reflects the significance placed on personal appearance.

In Malta, barbershops play a unique role during festive seasons.  Ahead of traditional celebrations locals often visit their trusted barbers.  For a fresh haircut and grooming session.  This reflects the cultural importance placed on personal appearance.  Along with the desire to look one’s best during special occasions.

Collaborations with Local Artists and Designers

To elevate the grooming experience in Malta.  Some barbershops collaborate with local artists and designers.  This synergy between grooming and art results in unique and personalised services.  From custom-designed hairstyles to collaborations with local fashion brands.  These partnerships showcase the creativity and innovation present in Malta’s barbering scene.

Challenges and Adaptations

While the traditional barbershop culture in Malta remains strong.  The industry has not been immune to global trends and challenges.  Modern grooming salons and unisex hairdressing establishments have emerged.  Offering a broader range of services.  To stay competitive, many traditional barbershops in Malta have adapted to change. By incorporating contemporary styles and services while maintaining their core identity.

In Malta, barbers are not only individuals with scissors and razors.  They are keepers of community spaces and artists shaping the local aesthetic.  The services offered by barbers in Malta extend far beyond the routine haircut.  Embracing a holistic approach to grooming.  From traditional wet shaves that honour cultural traditions.  To modern beard styling and hair colouring.  Maltese barbers cater to a diverse range of preferences.  The evolving landscape of barber services in Malta reflects the flexibility of the profession.  Along with its commitment to providing patrons with a personalised grooming experience.


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