Coffee Shop Malta

Over the past few years Malta has seen an increase in coffee shops. Local cafes offer a broad range of freshly brewed coffee drinks. Hot and cold snacks to satiate your appetite. They provide the best coffee drinks, appetizing snacks and tempting desserts. Located all over the island one will definitely strike your fancy.

Coffee shops offer something to everybody. Do you need a coffee to rack your brain and start the day? Looking for a place to release stress? Looking for a place to catch up with your family and friends? Looking for a good breakfast? Fancy a light meal? Craving for cakes and pastries? Discover the best coffee shops Malta and Gozo have to offer and indulge yourself.

Malta and Gozo have their fair share of foreign coffee shop chains. In recent years they have established themselves on the island. Opening outlets in various localities. Besides, recently Sicilian cafes have been sprouting like mushrooms in touristic areas. These coffee shops serve authentic Italian coffees, Sicilian ‘kannoli’ and ice-cream.

History of Coffee in Malta

Coffee in Malta made its first appearance 16th century. It was most likely introduced through slavery. During that time the Ottomans controlled the coffee trade. The Knights of St. John imprisoned the Turks during the Great Siege of 1565. While in captivity the Turkish slaves prepared their traditional beverage. The Knights adopted their custom and forced them to make it.

There exist other theories with regards to the initial coffee importation into Malta. A principal theory being piracy. When raiding Ottoman ships Maltese pirates would have confiscated coffee grains. It could have been offered to the Grand Master as a gift from an North African prince. Another theory suggests it could have entered through European merchants trading with the Orient.

Frequent coffee importations resulted in its popularity. The first Coffee shops established in Valletta. It was high in demand as it was available to people from all levels of society.

At the time coffee was served at the end of a meal together with the dessert.

The ambience of Coffee Shops in Malta and Gozo

Ambience and environment play a huge role in attracting customers through your doors. Ambience is a huge part of customer perception. Different customers look for different qualities and types of experiences. Some prefer cozy and quaint cafes, others prefer vibrant cafes. Coffee shops in Malta score high points on ambience and charming factor. Several are bright and spacious, others are cosy and intimate. Some offer peaceful environments others provide a hive of activity. With people chattering and constant sound of the coffee machine. A few coffee shops are more popular than others.

You will find a variety of different styled cafes in Malta. With a definite theme and concept, with both indoor and outdoor seating. Designed with at-home simplicity or luxurious elegance or cool sophistication. Music, lighting, artwork and space combine to create the comfort of a coffee shop. Today’s coffee shops offer relaxation and lounging. Furnished with stylish couches and comfortable chairs. For those that wish to enjoy their beverages, savour their snacks and desserts. While reading, working on their computers or relaxing.

Coffee shops in Malta aim to delight and make their customers comfortable. To encourage them to come back, again and again. They give a sense of welcome through their layout, simple menus that are easy to read and understand. Local cafes are places where you can relish tasty beverages. Enjoy delicious snacks and desserts in a relaxing and friendly environment.


Coffee shops in Malta provide a vast selection of coffee drinks, hot and cold beverages. Popular coffee drinks served are espresso, doppio, americano, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha and more. Hot beverages include hot chocolate, hot flavoured milk and a selection of teas. Cold beverages such as soft drinks, juices, milkshakes, iced coffee, iced flavoured frappes and fruit smoothies.

Several cafes serve non – alcoholic beverages, alcoholic and cocktails on their menu.

Savoury Snacks

Coffee shops are the place to go for a quick bite or for a fulfilling meal. Open from the early hours of the morning. Coffee shops serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. They provide eat in, takeaway or delivery service.

Cafes serve a vast selection of cold and hot snacks. Being sandwiches, salads, cold and hot snacks, sweets and pastries, pancakes and ice-cream. A couple of coffee shops serve pasta, burgers and main dishes.

Heavenly Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth local coffee shops will please your cravings. All cafes serve a selection of mouth- watering freshly baked pastries and cakes. Ranging from muffins, pancakes, scones, cheesecakes, tarts, dry cakes and gateaux.

Local coffee shops also provide Maltese specialities. Synonymous with Carnival are ‘Prinjolata’ and ‘Perlini’. During Easter they provide ‘Kwarezimal’ and ‘Figolli’. Throughout the Christmas season they serve honey rings, Christmas log and Christmas, almond and fruit cakes.
Coffee and Dessert

Do Coffee Shops in Malta and Gozo cater for special dietary needs?

The majority of local coffee shops cater for any type of diet. They offer non-gluten snacks and desserts as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

What are the opening hours of Cafes in Malta and Gozo?

The majority of local coffee shops are open 7 days a week. In the mornings they open their doors between 8am to 9am. They remain open all throughout the day. Closing times vary according to the menu offered by the cafe. Generally, cafes close in the evening between 7pm and 9pm. Those coffee shops offering main dishes as part of their menu close at 11pm.

What services do Cafes in Malta and Gozo offer?

Several local coffee shops cater for functions. Such as birthday parties, baby showers, afternoon tea parties and other private parties.

Nowadays, many coffee shops are dog friendly. You can take your dog along to treat yourself for a coffee and sweet bite.


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