Armier Bay

Malta is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea.  Famous for its clear blue waters, historical sites and warm weather.  

Among the many lovely places in Malta, the two adjacent beaches of Armier stand out.  They are only separated by a small tract of rocky coast.  The larger beach is Armier and the smaller one is Little Armier. They are popular for their stunning views.  Their crystal clear blue waters and relaxing atmosphere.  Located in the northern part of Malta near the village of Mellieħa.  Opposite of the islands of Comino and Gozo.  Off the beaten track and in a secluded green area known as ‘L-Aħrax’.  This area is known for its natural beauty.  Still untouched with no major developments.  

Both beaches are less crowded than some of the more famous tourist spots in Malta.  Though sought after they are less popular than Mellieħa Bay, Golden Bay and Għajn Tuffieħa Bay.  It is the locals who spend most time here.  To a large extent because they are not easy to access.  Besides, there are no hotels or tourist establishments around.  

The Beautiful Beaches of Armier and Little Armier Malta

Both inlets have lovely sandy beaches.  The sand is soft and golden.  Perfect for sunbathing or building sandcastles.  The water is clean and clear.  Making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling.  The sea here is like the one in Blue Lagoon, Comino.  It has the same crystal blue colour.   

Both bays are very popular with locals.  In particular, families with children love these beaches.  As the water is shallow near the shore.  Making it safe for kids to play.  The sea gets deeper the further you move out from the coast.  

For safety reasons it is advisable to bathe in the swimming zones.  As many Maltese families do come here by boat.  Note that Armier Bays do not provide the services of a lifeguard.

The positive thing about this beach is that it is far away from traffic.  Visitors will get to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.  Unlike some of the busier beaches in Malta, these bays are quieter and more relaxed.  This makes them perfect for a day of rest and relaxation.  You can bring a book, lie on the sand, and enjoy the sound of the waves.  

Located at the northern tip of Malta with open seas, makes Armier Bay exposed to the elements.  In particular to North and North-Western winds.  During these winds the sea is very rough.  Swimming is not recommended.  It can be very dangerous due to strong undercurrents.    

During Autumn and Winter the bays are also great for picnics.  There are many shaded areas where you can sit and enjoy a meal with family or friends.    

Activities at Armier Bay Malta

There are many activities to enjoy in Armier and Little Armier Bays.  One popular activity is swimming.  The clear, blue water is refreshing and inviting.  Especially on a hot summer day. Snorkelling is another favourite pastime.  The underwater world here is full of colourful fish and interesting marine life. 

Close to the beach people find water sports vendors.  If you enjoy exploring the sea, you can rent a kayak, paddle boat or a paddleboard.  These activities are fun and also provide great exercise.  Water sports vendors rent out jet skis, provide banana rides and the likes.

Armier Bay Beach

Facilities at Armier Bay

There are several small restaurants and beach bars nearby.  These places offer a variety of food and drink options.  You can enjoy pizza, pasta, fresh seafood, meats, burgers or a simple snack.  Many visitors enjoy having cocktails or wine while watching the sunset over the sea.  The beach bars often play music, adding to the pleasant atmosphere.  

Lidos on the bay rent out umbrellas and sunbeds.  Facilities such as public toilets are also located close by.  Restaurants also have their restrooms.  But these can only be used by their patrons. 

Both bays are well-maintained and clean.  To ensure the area stays beautiful.  It is important to follow the rules and respect the environment.  This includes not leaving litter on the beach and not disturbing the wildlife.

Armier and Little Armier Bays are not only beautiful.  They are also important for the local ecosystem.  The clear waters support a variety of marine life.  Efforts are made to protect these natural resources.  Visitors are encouraged to respect the environment.  To help preserve the beauty of the bays.

Where to Stay

The area around Armier Bays is still rural.  Both bays are quite isolated.  But there are several accommodation options close by.  You can find a few hotels and plenty of holiday apartments in nearby Mellieha.  

The closest hotels are Labranda Riviera Hotel & Spa and Ramla Bay Resort.  Located a short distance away at Għadira Bay is the db Seabank Resort and Spa.  Closer to Ċirkewwa visitors can find the Paradise Bay Hotel.

Nearby Attractions

While in the area, there are several other attractions worth visiting.  Mellieha village is charming with its narrow streets, old buildings and beautiful church.  You can also visit Mellieha Bay, the largest sandy beach in Malta.  Another amazing sandy beach is Paradise Bay.

The Red Tower, known as St. Agatha’s tower, is an interesting place to visit.  Renowned for its red paint, this was restored in recent years.  This historical fort has stunning views of the sea and the surrounding countryside.  Built by the Knights of the Order of St. John it served as a watchtower.  

Hike to the White Tower known in Maltese as ‘Aħrax Tower’.  Built by the Knights of the Order of St. John.  It has a pill box constructed by the British Services during their occupation of Malta.  

The countryside around the bays makes an excellent walk during cooler months.  All the land is agricultural land with Maltese rubble walls.  Separating one piece of land from another.

How to get There

To reach both beaches, you can take a bus from Valletta or drive a private car.  The journey to these bays offers beautiful views of the countryside and the sea.  Visitors using their own private car will find signs along the way.  There is also plenty of parking space close to the beach.  The beach is at road level.  So it is accessible to people with mobility issues.    

Public transport takes you directly to Armier Bays.  Since the bay is at Malta’s farthest tip the journey on the bus will be a long one.  Malta Public Transport operates a direct bus route from Valletta to Armier.  Bus number 49 is the only direct bus.  It leaves Valletta every hour and stops right at the beach.

Besides, there are a few other routes that serve the area.  But, bear in mind there is a long walk, from the bus stop to the beach.  It takes around 20 minutes as drop off is in front of the Red Tower.  Route X1 leaves from the Airport to Ċirkewwa.  Whilst, another bus leaves from Valletta this is Route 41.  

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is during the Summer months, from June to September.  During this time, the weather is warm and sunny.  Perfect for beach activities.  The bays can also be enjoyable in the Spring and Autumn.  When the weather is mild and there are fewer tourists.  Winter can be quiet and peaceful.  Swimming during this time of the year is not recommended.  Winds are strong creating strong undercurrents.  Besides, it might be too cold for most people.

Armier and Little Armier Bays in Malta are perfect destinations.  For anyone looking to enjoy the sea, sand and sun.  These bays offer a peaceful retreat from the busier tourist spots.  They provide a chance to relax and connect with nature.  Whether you want to swim, snorkel or lie on the beach, you will find everything you need for a perfect day by the sea.  With their natural beauty and variety of activities, Armier Bays are hidden gems in Malta.


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